Friday, November 27, 2009


I've loved to shop since I remember. But growing up in our family means you have to work hard to buy things you want.(We were brought up that way, no tantrums for us!) I would have to save my allowance to buy nice things for me. Don't get me wrong my sister and I were well provided for it's just that I guess I wanted more things. I'm not superficial or materialistic, I just love to shop! (OK now I'm rambling) Well my point is, since I have to save up for things I want, I usually try to find cheaper alternatives to the things I like. A top I wanted to buy at a branded store, I will find something similar at the tiangge. And I have done this through the years and I have noticed that my friends usually ask me to find them a cheaper alternative for the expensive or unavailable things they like here in manila. So this is what I'll be blogging about. I'll try to scope out the metro for interesting stores or shopping places where it won't be too much for your wallets, Sales with good deals, and products even though cheap, will be a good buy! I'll be finding cheaper alternative to much, much expensive things!


lamara said...

wow this is realy a great site. keept it up girl

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