Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beauty for Less #1: VO5 Extreme Style Heat Defense Conditioning Spray, 24HR Anti-Frizz

For the longest time, my hairstyle has always been long. I really don't style it that much because I have naturally curly hair that's not kinky or undefined wavy that you either have your hair relaxed or rebonded so that you can look pretty much decent. But recently I had my hair cut in a mid-length bob that has to be straightened with an extremely hot flat iron or endure looking like someone who's wearing a big fluffy helmet! But I didn't want my hair to be damaged by heat-styling so I've set out to find a heat protect product.

My Long Curly Hair Before (Sorry for the group pic!)

My New Hairstyle!

So I've been watching hair styling tutorials on You Tube and stumbled upon somebody who uses the V05 Heat Defense Spray and recommended it so I wanted to buy it and found that it costs 204 Pesos in Landmark. It's a pretty cheap price for a great hair product but this is not Beauty for Less for nothing!! =D

I found the same product sold at a much cheaper price! Just 99 pesos!! at the Dollar Store in Market!Market! (Lately I've been finding great deals at this mall!)

Some Heat Defense products tend to leave a sticky residue on the hair and sometimes even weigh your hair down like the Citre Shine stuff.. (I hate those) but surprisingly the V05 Heat Defense spray does not and it leaves your hair feeling soft and touchable and it smells great too! plus it also acts as an anti-frizz for all my Co-curly hair girls (and dudes) out there and for 99 pesos, It's definitely a steal! but hurry now because I think it's only available there till supplies last.

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