Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Giveaway!! Beautynomics turns 4!!

Do you join online contests for freebies?? Me I do! It's a great way to try new products! (If you win! which I never do!) hehe..

you can join one here!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Haul-lelluia!: Suesh Make-up Train Case + Brushes!

My most favorite print in the whole wide world (OA??) are damask patterns. Anything swirly with a vintage feel I absolutely adore! So you can imagine that when I saw the Suesh VV-MT10V Case I was definitely smitten!
Photo Courtesy of http://suesh.com

But since I already have my lovely purple traincase, it wasn't on my "BUY NOW" list. So I forgot all about that traincase until one day I just cannot close my traincase anymore with all of the make-up I have acquired during make-up school! So I set out to find a bigger one.

My mom and I attended the Cosmetologie 2010 event. She was there to support a friend who is also the organizer while I was there to just look around. As we were going around the exibits, I spied the SUESH booth and inside was the traincase I've been lusting for! My jaw literally dropped from all the cases, beauty supplies and brushes. Then my mom asked if I wanted to buy the traincase since they accept credit cards? (pretty cool by the way) Of course my response was: "Uhm, YES!!!!" So we bought it with several brushes. And the suesh girls (sorry, I didn't get their names) are sooo nice! There were so many people in their booths but they still managed to be so poised and pretty! and best of all she gave us a discount! so from 5,000 pesos, she gave it to us for only 4,800! (hehe 200 pesos less only but still!) plus individual brushes were 10% off during the event!

It has wheels for ease of traveling!

I like that when you open the compartments, it's in the direction of the cover so that you will not occupy a lot of area especially in gigs where there is limited space. 

Mama Case and Baby Case-- would you believe that the Suesh case is much lighter even though it's a lot bigger? I guess if you buy cheaper train cases, It will be made of heavier materials. 
(I bought Baby Case for only 900 pesos  from 168 because I'm such a bargain shopper! =P)

Plus I got these Individual Brushes!

(L-R: Countour/ Bronzing Brush, Stippling Brush, Angles Blush Brush)

I will do the reviews of these brushes soon! watch out for it! =D

Check out their site for more beauty finds!

Link for the train case:

Link for the brushes:


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cheap-o Lashes!

As a make-up artist, I constantly have to restock on false lashes. And the best kind of lashes are real hair not the plastic ones. I used to use those because the kuripot in me just cannot spend 500+ pesos on false lashes that I would just have to throw away after it has been worn out! (Ahem, Ardell) The problem with the plastic ones is that they look so unnatural and spiky! definitely weird looking!

Thankfully in make-up school my teacher introduced us to these lashes!

They are unbranded but they are made from real hair!! The best part is its only... 35pesos!! Yay! compared to 500+ right?? They are only available in Landmark Trinoma. (I'm not sure if Landmark Makati also carry them) Don't let the lousy packaging discourage you because these are really great lashes especially if you want a more natural look.
It comes in 5 varieties:

1. Natural- the hairs are all in the same length.

2. Spiky 1- shorter in length and have a variation in hair lengths but still  natural looking.

3. Spiky 1+2- Same as spiky 1 but with a bit more volume.

4. Spiky 2- Length is longer and has more volume.

5. Spiky 3- For dramatic looks.

The best part (aside from the price) is that the lashes also come in BROWN!! Its super hard to find those!! Just use decent lash adhesive to use these. I use spirit gum from Cinema Secrets but I also swear by the Nichido lash glue! Aido also have some pretty good ones(as I've heard) but I haven't had a chance to try those.

                   Model Wearing Natural 

  • Price! 35 pesos yay!
  • As a MUA, its great for clients because its just cheap so you wouldn't want your lashes back! =P
  • Its lightweight unlike plastic lashes.
  • The Packaging. you have to tear apart the box to get the lashes undamaged.
  • Only 5 Varieties available. (No Under lashes..)

P.S. When I dropped by the Cosmetologie 2010 event in SMX last Feb. 24, one booth was selling these exact lashes for 25 pesos only! Yay! to the supplier! I surely stocked up on these!! =P

Would you want a tutorial on how to apply false lashes? Lemme know!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

21-piece Make-up Brush Set under 1,000 pesos?? what?!?!

Yep! you read it right! I got a 21-piece brush set for only 799pesos! And you wouldn't believe where I bought it. It's not on some multiply site that you can't see your item until its been shipped to you or at a Bazaar where it would be hard to return the item just in case it was damaged. I bought it at SM!! Department Store to be exact! Haha!

It was actually great timing that I stumbled upon these brush set! It was last December when I decided to enroll in a make-up school and I was really searching for a brush set that's not that expensive since I also have to invest in loads of make-up. I canvassed and found that it would set me back at least 3,000 pesos just to have a decent set. So I thought that that would be the best deal out there... I was proven wrong!!


It has 21 brushes for all your specific needs! The set has a combination of synthetic and natural hairs.

 1. Large Fan Brush
 2. Powder Brush
 3. Blush Brush
 4. Angled Blush Brush
 5. Large Concealer Brush/ Mini Foundation Brush
 6.XL shader brush
 7. Large/med. shader brush
 8. Small shader brush
 9. Angled shader brush
10. Crease brush
11. Flat-top pencil brush
12. Fan Brush
13. Medium Concealer/Cream Brush
14. Small Concealer Brush
15. Angled Concealer Brush
16. Angled liner brush
17. Lip Brush
18. Liner Brush
19. Sponge-tip
20. Brow brush w/ lash separator
21. Spooly

And It comes in a Brush Roll! Handy Right? =D
Overall these are not the best quality brushes (Hello 799pesos only!) but if you are a make-up enthusiast and would like to build your brushes, then this would be a great starter set!

  • The Price!! 21 brushes for 799?? waaah!
  • Wooden handle
  • combination of Natural and Synthetic hairs
  • Washable! It has survived many many deep cleansings! 
  • Fall-outs. The first time I used the brushes some hairs were stuck to my face but stopped after a few washes.
  • Hair quality is not that great. Just average.
  • Why include a sponge-tip?? waste of space!
  • Im not sure if the ferrule is glued to the handle well. I make sure that the ferrule and handle does not get wet.
  • No Foundation Brush.
P.S. They also have smaller brush sets at lower prices! But you have to hurry as stocks are running low and it's no longer available in all SM department stores. I saw some in Megamall last weekend though..=D 

Happy Shopping!!


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