Tuesday, March 2, 2010

21-piece Make-up Brush Set under 1,000 pesos?? what?!?!

Yep! you read it right! I got a 21-piece brush set for only 799pesos! And you wouldn't believe where I bought it. It's not on some multiply site that you can't see your item until its been shipped to you or at a Bazaar where it would be hard to return the item just in case it was damaged. I bought it at SM!! Department Store to be exact! Haha!

It was actually great timing that I stumbled upon these brush set! It was last December when I decided to enroll in a make-up school and I was really searching for a brush set that's not that expensive since I also have to invest in loads of make-up. I canvassed and found that it would set me back at least 3,000 pesos just to have a decent set. So I thought that that would be the best deal out there... I was proven wrong!!


It has 21 brushes for all your specific needs! The set has a combination of synthetic and natural hairs.

 1. Large Fan Brush
 2. Powder Brush
 3. Blush Brush
 4. Angled Blush Brush
 5. Large Concealer Brush/ Mini Foundation Brush
 6.XL shader brush
 7. Large/med. shader brush
 8. Small shader brush
 9. Angled shader brush
10. Crease brush
11. Flat-top pencil brush
12. Fan Brush
13. Medium Concealer/Cream Brush
14. Small Concealer Brush
15. Angled Concealer Brush
16. Angled liner brush
17. Lip Brush
18. Liner Brush
19. Sponge-tip
20. Brow brush w/ lash separator
21. Spooly

And It comes in a Brush Roll! Handy Right? =D
Overall these are not the best quality brushes (Hello 799pesos only!) but if you are a make-up enthusiast and would like to build your brushes, then this would be a great starter set!

  • The Price!! 21 brushes for 799?? waaah!
  • Wooden handle
  • combination of Natural and Synthetic hairs
  • Washable! It has survived many many deep cleansings! 
  • Fall-outs. The first time I used the brushes some hairs were stuck to my face but stopped after a few washes.
  • Hair quality is not that great. Just average.
  • Why include a sponge-tip?? waste of space!
  • Im not sure if the ferrule is glued to the handle well. I make sure that the ferrule and handle does not get wet.
  • No Foundation Brush.
P.S. They also have smaller brush sets at lower prices! But you have to hurry as stocks are running low and it's no longer available in all SM department stores. I saw some in Megamall last weekend though..=D 

Happy Shopping!!



Kristine said...

natural hair ba jan yung mga small brushes? where in SM dept store, make up section? macheck nga.. thanks!

traciethediva said...

@Kristine: Combination of synthetic and natural hair sha.. Depende sa use ng brush..=D I found this sa mga cosmetic cases section. Mga bilihan ng kikay kits sa ladies section. Goodluck! I hope you still find this available..=)

Anonymous said...

i just bought mines yesterday and it was GREAT!!! A MUST HAVE!!!

traciethediva said...

@Anonymous: Lucky that you that there were stocks left since it's sold out na in most SM malls..=D

Congrats on your brush set! Not a bad starter set noh? =D

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