Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nail of the Day: Ripe Peach Ombre

I know the title says Nail of the Day but It most likely is my Nail of the Decade because I can't seem to find the will to do this ever again! =P

This is my first attempt at nail art and I know its not perfect as I still need to have a professional manicure soon but I liked how this turned out! 

If you haven't figured out yet my inspiration for this would be the MAC Ombre Blush in Ripe Peach

I cannot stress enough how much I love this blush and since I can't have it, I'd settle for dreaming about it. =D And while sleeping, my nails magically turned into this blush! =P

Unfortunately, I did not take step-by-step pictures as you would laugh as to how I ended up with this. It was super hard for me as I really can't apply decent nail polish on myself and this is just my left hand as I absolutely cannot recreate this in my right! More practice to me! But I'll get there..=D

I used a gradation technique I learned from Elessa in you tube. But instead of clear polish, I decided to use a coral and orange nail color. Perfect for summer again with the oranges,pinks and corals..=D

I used these polishes all from Etude house..=D I love their bottles! Its sooo cute! And the nail bling (Sorry I'm improvising I dunno what it's called!=P) I bought from Landmark.
I would love to share with you the shades that I used but I can't read Korean and the label confuses me so I'll just take a picture and you can decipher what the shade is..hehe..


Base Coat

Pinky/Coral Polish

Orange Polish

All bought from Etude House in Megamall. I love their polish its inexpensive and It dries faster than other local polishes.

I didn't use nail glue since I don't have one. I used some old clear polish that turned tacky and used that to stick the bling to my nails. 

Yep definitely more practice to me, but I quite like how this turned out! 

Happy Shopping!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer 2010 Trend Alert: Bright Coral Blush

Orange, Pinks and Corals are the must have colors this season! While pinks are in all year round, I wanted to try something new. I settled for corals since I don't like orange much. ("Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura" keeps entering my mind..=D)

So when I saw the MAC Spring Forecast 2 Ombre Blush in Ripe Peach, I must must have it! So I'm on my way to MAC Glorietta when a MAC book sale caught my eye. And then BAM! I just bought myself a new laptop! And now I did not have the right to even buy a MAC blush...=( But curiosity got the best of me and I still find myself magnetized by this coral yummy looking blush! So I still went on my way to MAC but unfortunately the SA told me it was already sold out! They just sold the last one a few hours ago.. talk about not meant to be. So I went home disappointed and my coral blush lusting has not yet been satisfied...

Weeks passed by and I'm still wearing boring pink/peach blushes when one day I saw this...

Could it be? have I found my summer blush?

The answer is yes!! The perfect shade of coral. Not too orange but not completely pink. It's the best match of bright coral for my skintone! But wait, can I afford it? and is it pigmented enough? Read on...

The brand of the blush is Shawill.  I know, you wanna laugh no? That's what I thought too. But its true when they say that don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case the brand.

My shade is No.5 Candy Red though it's not red and it's definitely not candy! =D

Look at the packaging! Its sooo cute!! I was expecting it to be made of cheap plastic for it's price. (Wait for the price announcement! OK fine you can scroll down If you're really itching to find out..)

It has a facial puff for an applicator (Don't ask me why, because I'm also bothered) located in the top compartment and the blush is in the bottom part. It also has a mirror for easier application!
The staying power of this powder blush is quite amazing! It stays on the whole day considering the temperature now in manila is reaching 40 degrees! Its super pigmented! You actually have to apply this with a light hand so that you won't over apply. But the quality of this blush is not the best part about this, but the price. Sorry to keep you waiting.. Tadaaaan!

Hahaha! See why I love this blush so much?? Its only 99 pesos!! As much as I love to invest in quality make-up, I also find it thrilling to find dirt-cheap makeup! I would be scared to try cheap-o make-up if you find it in tiangges or in stalls in 168, but this you can find in Landmark! =D I'm quite excited for this brand, hopefully they also have other great products!

                                                                      Brand Details

So now get ready to see my face wearing this great blush! (Please don't run away screaming =D)

See? Its a really wearable color even though it's super bright in the pot.

With different lighting

Haha! Now with flash. =D

So that's my current summer blush just to satiate my coral craving! But I'm lemming for these still sigh...

MAC Spring Forecast 2 Blush Ombre- Ripe Peach                
 MAC Cremeblend Blush- Joie de Vivre                                                  
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral

How bout you? What's your summer beauty craving?

Happy Shopping!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Side by side: Mascaras Part 2

Im rushing to do this post because I'm leaving for the beach tomorrow and I don't wanna leave y'all hanging..=D

Now on to mascara number...

5. Mary Kay Lash Lengthening Mascara

I love the size of this mascara! It's thin but not too long so it's great for traveling! The wand easily coats my lashes and I like that the formula is creamy not clumpy and it doesn't weigh down my curled lashes. I did notice that my lashes were a bit longer. The sad part about this is that it smudges. After wearing it for sometime, I noticed that my under eyes were darker because some mascara already transferred there. Though it wasn't that obvious but still it gave me the illusion of tired eyes because of the darkness. Hopefully they have a waterproof and smudge proof formula soon because the weather here is so hot so mascaras wouldn't last long here.

The wand resembles the Unstoppable Curly Extension from Maybelline 
but this is a bit bigger and fuller.

6. Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Blasting Mascara

This mascara always have high reviews from other bloggers and make-up gurus. Personally, It's OK, not really raving about this one. The wand really bothers me and I always end up messing up my make up because its this weird looking. See...

It looks like an alien organism on a really thick stick! =D The orange rubber pokes is really funny looking! But aside from the appearance, you can actually see from this photo that product is really building up between the rubber bristles that's why when you apply this it's so easy to over coat your lashes. I prefer gradually coating my lashes than dumping mascara on them to achieve a dramatic look. Its better to add a bit at a time then putting on too much and having to erase it. And did I mention that the wand is HUGE?! it really is! so good luck applying this on your lower lashes! =D

But all in all I like the formula. It really did not smudge but super easy to remove.

 It's hard to evenly coat my lashes because of the big wand so the inner corners are bare while some of my lashes already have too much mascara.

So there goes my mascara love affair! =D I hope you found this very useful in considering which one to purchase in the future! I would still have to check for prices and availability in stores so I'll be updating this soon. And I also have more mascara to review just haven't taken pictures yet so watch out for it!

Btw, what's your fave mascara? Care to share? =D

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Side by side: Mascaras Part 1

Oh Mascara, how do I love thee?

          I absolutely adore mascaras. If the world was ending and I have one last minute to spend, I'll be curling my lashes and slathering on some mascara... Hehe.. kidding aside, If your pressed for time to put on makeup, just skip all eye makeup (shadows,liner) and just put on 2 coats of mascara and your face will instantly brighten up! (assuming you have your foundation, blush and lipcolor on!) =D

        My mascara love affair started when I got to try my mom's Great Lash mascara from Maybelline and ever since I've trusted the brand's mascaras. But they also hit or miss. I'll review some mascaras for you to see what's my take on different mascaras out there. Remember these are just my personal opinions and what may not work for me may work for you! =D

I'll be reviewing...

First stop...

1. Maybelline's Unstoppable Shiny Black

If you have seen this one recently in the mall, you might notice that they already changed the packaging. (This is the old one.) This would have to be my favorite everyday mascara! I like that the formula is not waterproof so I feel that my lashes could breathe. I also like that it really is 100% smudge-proof! Just don't rub your eyes. (Btw, you really shouldn't!) I also like that the formula has "fibers" for lash lengthening! The trouble with fiber mascaras is they tend to have fall-outs during long wear, but this one has nada! =D
                                         Me wearing the mascara without curling my lashes.
                                                           The fibers of the mascara.

2. Maybelline's Hypercurl Volum' Express Mascara- Waterproof

 I'm not even sure if they had another formula besides waterproof for this mascara but this one I bought because it was on sale! (Yay for cheap-o me!) Nowadays, I can't seem to find this anymore and I have a feeling that they replaced this with the new MAGNUM mascara. The formula for this is not bad, but it's also not great just so-so. But when they say it's for volume, It really does deliver. It may sometimes clump on your lashes so be careful to gradually add coats of mascara than slathering on a thick layer as it will weigh your lashes down. As for the curling aspect of this one, I say it curls my  lashes a bit but not enough to skip those eyelash curlers.

No, that's not a "Higad" attatched to a stick but the wand! =D You might find the wand odd for the curved shape but it actually has a purpose. Use the inner curl to coat and add volume to your lashes and then flipping the wand to the other side to push the lashes up for the curl. Pretty nifty right? =D
My lashes did have more volume and it has a slight lift. But the formula can be a bit clumpy so be careful!

3. Maybelline's Unstoppable Curly Extension- Waterproof

This one I don't use much regularly but I can't find something bad about it. The formula is creamy but not heavy on the lashes. It is waterproof but not hard to remove. (I use a make-up remover) I usually use this for putting mascara on my lower lashes because the brush is on the smaller side and it's easier to get to my lower lashes without messing up my make-up. This one also comes in the smudge-proof formula.

The brush is really cute so this will suit women with cute lashes (read:small/nonexistent) =D

Has a bit of curling effect too!

4. Maybelline's Hypercurl Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara- Waterproof

Ok, now try saying that really fast x5! hehe.. When I first saw this one, I knew I must, must have it because of the fierce packaging and the incredibly unique wand!! And then I tried it and I was in lalalalove!  I was actually lusting for this but something is stopping me from buying this. So I decided to sleep on it not with it..(always remove makeup before sleeping!) So after the shock of the wand, I decided to try it again and then I absolutely hated it! The formula of this makes your lashes clump together and after it dries, makes your lashes crunchy!! Seriously if you try to push your lashes back to your lid, It would feel like getting poked by needles because it was that stiff! yikes! Definitely do not curl lashes AFTER using this! The only way to get a decent coat on your lashes is if you wipe the wand clean before using, but it just wastes a lot of product. You might be asking why I have this then? well, because it's not mine. My sister bought it and I didn't have the chance to warn her.

My clumpy and crunchy lashes! =D It looks kinda creepy!

This concludes Part 1 of my Mascara Adventures! Stay tuned for Part 2.....
Happy Shopping!!

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