Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nail of the Day: Ripe Peach Ombre

I know the title says Nail of the Day but It most likely is my Nail of the Decade because I can't seem to find the will to do this ever again! =P

This is my first attempt at nail art and I know its not perfect as I still need to have a professional manicure soon but I liked how this turned out! 

If you haven't figured out yet my inspiration for this would be the MAC Ombre Blush in Ripe Peach

I cannot stress enough how much I love this blush and since I can't have it, I'd settle for dreaming about it. =D And while sleeping, my nails magically turned into this blush! =P

Unfortunately, I did not take step-by-step pictures as you would laugh as to how I ended up with this. It was super hard for me as I really can't apply decent nail polish on myself and this is just my left hand as I absolutely cannot recreate this in my right! More practice to me! But I'll get there..=D

I used a gradation technique I learned from Elessa in you tube. But instead of clear polish, I decided to use a coral and orange nail color. Perfect for summer again with the oranges,pinks and corals..=D

I used these polishes all from Etude house..=D I love their bottles! Its sooo cute! And the nail bling (Sorry I'm improvising I dunno what it's called!=P) I bought from Landmark.
I would love to share with you the shades that I used but I can't read Korean and the label confuses me so I'll just take a picture and you can decipher what the shade is..hehe..


Base Coat

Pinky/Coral Polish

Orange Polish

All bought from Etude House in Megamall. I love their polish its inexpensive and It dries faster than other local polishes.

I didn't use nail glue since I don't have one. I used some old clear polish that turned tacky and used that to stick the bling to my nails. 

Yep definitely more practice to me, but I quite like how this turned out! 

Happy Shopping!!


lelila said...

very nice!!! so ripe peach!!!

traciethediva said...

i tried my best! =D thanks!

ThRiSzHa said...

simply pretty!! I just newly found ur blog.. Im glad to found a another pinay blogger who also into nail art like me...
btw, how much is etude house polish in Manila? I would love the try this polish when I go back in Manila on May..
pls. email at hanniz017 at yahoo dot com


YenRobles said...

I got an award for ya! Check out my blog.♥

* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

ioooh cute nails!

traciethediva said...

@ThRiSzHa: The prices differ here in manila the small bottles cost around 48-98 pesos depending on the formula..=D

@YenRobles: Award? for me? *blushes* =D

@Harjot: Thanks muchies!! =D

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