Friday, April 9, 2010

Side by side: Mascaras Part 2

Im rushing to do this post because I'm leaving for the beach tomorrow and I don't wanna leave y'all hanging..=D

Now on to mascara number...

5. Mary Kay Lash Lengthening Mascara

I love the size of this mascara! It's thin but not too long so it's great for traveling! The wand easily coats my lashes and I like that the formula is creamy not clumpy and it doesn't weigh down my curled lashes. I did notice that my lashes were a bit longer. The sad part about this is that it smudges. After wearing it for sometime, I noticed that my under eyes were darker because some mascara already transferred there. Though it wasn't that obvious but still it gave me the illusion of tired eyes because of the darkness. Hopefully they have a waterproof and smudge proof formula soon because the weather here is so hot so mascaras wouldn't last long here.

The wand resembles the Unstoppable Curly Extension from Maybelline 
but this is a bit bigger and fuller.

6. Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Blasting Mascara

This mascara always have high reviews from other bloggers and make-up gurus. Personally, It's OK, not really raving about this one. The wand really bothers me and I always end up messing up my make up because its this weird looking. See...

It looks like an alien organism on a really thick stick! =D The orange rubber pokes is really funny looking! But aside from the appearance, you can actually see from this photo that product is really building up between the rubber bristles that's why when you apply this it's so easy to over coat your lashes. I prefer gradually coating my lashes than dumping mascara on them to achieve a dramatic look. Its better to add a bit at a time then putting on too much and having to erase it. And did I mention that the wand is HUGE?! it really is! so good luck applying this on your lower lashes! =D

But all in all I like the formula. It really did not smudge but super easy to remove.

 It's hard to evenly coat my lashes because of the big wand so the inner corners are bare while some of my lashes already have too much mascara.

So there goes my mascara love affair! =D I hope you found this very useful in considering which one to purchase in the future! I would still have to check for prices and availability in stores so I'll be updating this soon. And I also have more mascara to review just haven't taken pictures yet so watch out for it!

Btw, what's your fave mascara? Care to share? =D

Happy Shopping!


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