Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer 2010 Trend Alert: Bright Coral Blush

Orange, Pinks and Corals are the must have colors this season! While pinks are in all year round, I wanted to try something new. I settled for corals since I don't like orange much. ("Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura" keeps entering my mind..=D)

So when I saw the MAC Spring Forecast 2 Ombre Blush in Ripe Peach, I must must have it! So I'm on my way to MAC Glorietta when a MAC book sale caught my eye. And then BAM! I just bought myself a new laptop! And now I did not have the right to even buy a MAC blush...=( But curiosity got the best of me and I still find myself magnetized by this coral yummy looking blush! So I still went on my way to MAC but unfortunately the SA told me it was already sold out! They just sold the last one a few hours ago.. talk about not meant to be. So I went home disappointed and my coral blush lusting has not yet been satisfied...

Weeks passed by and I'm still wearing boring pink/peach blushes when one day I saw this...

Could it be? have I found my summer blush?

The answer is yes!! The perfect shade of coral. Not too orange but not completely pink. It's the best match of bright coral for my skintone! But wait, can I afford it? and is it pigmented enough? Read on...

The brand of the blush is Shawill.  I know, you wanna laugh no? That's what I thought too. But its true when they say that don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case the brand.

My shade is No.5 Candy Red though it's not red and it's definitely not candy! =D

Look at the packaging! Its sooo cute!! I was expecting it to be made of cheap plastic for it's price. (Wait for the price announcement! OK fine you can scroll down If you're really itching to find out..)

It has a facial puff for an applicator (Don't ask me why, because I'm also bothered) located in the top compartment and the blush is in the bottom part. It also has a mirror for easier application!
The staying power of this powder blush is quite amazing! It stays on the whole day considering the temperature now in manila is reaching 40 degrees! Its super pigmented! You actually have to apply this with a light hand so that you won't over apply. But the quality of this blush is not the best part about this, but the price. Sorry to keep you waiting.. Tadaaaan!

Hahaha! See why I love this blush so much?? Its only 99 pesos!! As much as I love to invest in quality make-up, I also find it thrilling to find dirt-cheap makeup! I would be scared to try cheap-o make-up if you find it in tiangges or in stalls in 168, but this you can find in Landmark! =D I'm quite excited for this brand, hopefully they also have other great products!

                                                                      Brand Details

So now get ready to see my face wearing this great blush! (Please don't run away screaming =D)

See? Its a really wearable color even though it's super bright in the pot.

With different lighting

Haha! Now with flash. =D

So that's my current summer blush just to satiate my coral craving! But I'm lemming for these still sigh...

MAC Spring Forecast 2 Blush Ombre- Ripe Peach                
 MAC Cremeblend Blush- Joie de Vivre                                                  
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral

How bout you? What's your summer beauty craving?

Happy Shopping!


Emma Ruth Fajardo said...

Creatively written and I must say, I want to buy one (well if Landmark is still open haha) pronto!

traciethediva said...

Thanks emma! Do check it out, they have lots of shades available so if this one is not for you, Im sure you'll find one that suits your skin tone..=D

Yen said...

Hi Tracie!

I like your blog. =)

I like how affordable your featured makeups are. I can totally relate to you.

I found some Shawill at my local mall, too. But I'm shying away from paraben. I've read that it is carcinogenic. What do you think about this?

I'll put a link to your site from mine ha if you don't mind. =)



traciethediva said...

@Yen: Hi! thanks! I appreciate you linking my site =D

Regarding Parabens, Im not an expert on this but this ingredient has been in our make-up for so long now and I still haven't heard of someone actually dying from too much blush! =D Much like eating too much grilled foods, Its too yummy to resist! And with a blush this yummy too, I definitely did not resist! =D But I do advice you that If you have sensitive skin, cheap-o makeup like this may not be ideal so just exercise your judgment na lang..=)

Thanks Yen!

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