Sunday, May 9, 2010

Afforda-brushes at SM (Again!)

Halloow ladies! I know its been too long since my last post. My family and I went on a vacation in Singapore! (But we got back weeks ago, this is just me making excuses..=P) I'll do a separate post on my shopping adventures in SG. But I must warn you that I didn't do much shopping there and I'll tell you why some other time. Anyhooo.. I stumbled upon this great find a few hours ago.. (That's how excited I was to share this to y'all!!)

I took this picture @ SM beauty in Megamall. Sorry if it's lopsided since I had to take this picture covertly as I think SM has a NO PICTURE policy and some Sales Attendants we're standing close by.

What first attracted me is the brand. Its Marionnaud. As in Marionnaud in SM MOA. Next is the... Can you guess??
Of course it's cheapness!! Haha! Brushes range from ₱69.75-169.75 pesos only! and I can see that each brush is well made and does not look cheap even for the cheap price!

The hairs are synthetic but I tell you, It's soft as butter! I couldn't believe that it was synthetic so its great for vegans too! So far they only sell 6 kinds of brushes and A Brush Set for ₱299.75. 
Foundation Brush

Angled Face Brush

Retractable Powder Brush

Pointed Eyeshadow Brush

Plus an Eyeshadow Shader Brush and A Dual-ended lash comb and brush (I couldn't take pictures because the SA suddenly appeared! =P)

Before I forget, these are smaller than the usual brush, that I think is great for traveling. I only bought one but If this brush passes my standards, I'll definitely buy the lot! =D

More close up pictures!!



This is the N°37 Pointed Eyeshadow Brush for ₱89.75 pesos

Happy Shopping!!


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traciethediva said...

hi anonymous! I don't quite get what you're asking.. do you want to put your site's link in my blog and I can put my link in yours? If that's the case, I'd be honored..=D let me know your link too I'll put you in my blogroll..=D

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