Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My First Editorial Make-up Shoot!!

Finally after months of waiting, The MEG May Issue is out! We did this shoot last March in Mr. Dix Perez' studio and I'm super excited to share to you guys one thing that I'm super proud of..=D

Excuse me for getting you much excited as I only did make-up for the feature stories but still I feel so giddy about being published! Even though my name is quite small and is near the spine where you almost cannot see it I'm still super "kilig" seeing my name in print! hehe...

So here goes the issue!

How I wish I was the Make-up Artist of Andi Eigenman in the cover! hehe Hoping my chance would come soon..=D

I did the hair and make-up of Heidi Sarol, a 16 year old budding photographer who at the age of 14 picked up a camera and just made amazing shots.

And also for the models for a section of the magazine called MEG Relationships.



And lastly groomed the Basketball Players of Nokia's National Basketball Training Center League

It was a fun,fun,fun shoot! I'll show you some behind the scenes shots..=D

My Work Station! 


Just me! =D Sorry for the pic heavy post.. Thanks for letting me share this with y'all!!

I still have a lot of back posts I've been meaning to blog. So keep tuned!


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