Friday, May 28, 2010

Sephora in Singapore!

Hello Ladies! If you've been reading my blog, you would know that I've recently been to Singapore, And what's a shopaholic to do?? Of course go SHOPPING!! =D So I've been really excited for this trip because I knew there would be a SEPHORA!!! (An international store that sells all things bright and sparkly! or more commonly known as Cosmetics!! =P)

Look even from the store front you can see how lovely it is..

Bath products on display

 Urban Decay Cosmetics! This is on everyone's list since it's not available locally and you must do major haulage if you ever see this. You like anything here? =D

Display of the in store cosmetic line of Sephora. Look at their extensive collection!

There are so many more brands like Benefit, Too Faced and the ever reliable MAC but I couldn't take pictures openly and these were just taken covertly..=P

I literally could spend days there if only the store wouldn't close!!

So I'm happily browsing around armed with my shopping list, and grabbed the first item in my list! Then I checked the price tag and..... *gulp*

It's waaaaay expensive!!! I was super disappointed because I was really looking forward to buying cosmetics that are not available locally! Before I left Manila, I canvassed multiply stores for prices and you can buy it cheaper through them. Downside is, items are not available all the time. Sigh..

So my supposed shopping list was crumpled and was thrown away.. I could give it a proper burial but I was so emotional so I didn't bother.. (O.A. mode)

But I did decide to buy the MAC Lipstain Marker in Full of Flare since I'm into coraly-orange lips recently so that cheered me up!

So my shopping tip would be If you're in SG, and you plan to shop cosmetics, Its great to check out some brands that are not here but be prepared to shell out a bit more for it because they add a hefty TAX to your purchases. Now if you plan on buying more common cosmetic brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown, it's much cheaper to buy it in Changi Airport (Singapore's Airport) since they sell it TAX-FREE!! Example would be MAC Lipsticks, In Rustans, It sells for ₱950 but in SG stores, it sells for SG$28 or almost ₱900.. but in the Airport Terminal, its only SG$25! or approximately ₱800! compared to manila prices at least that's ₱150 less..=D

So If you're planning a trip to Singapore, don't expect to bargain shop and just take in the sights and spend money on lotsa food!! =D

Happy Shopping!


traciethediva said...

Awww.. thanks for the support! I do try my best..=D

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm borrowing your photos to write an entry on my blog about a day in Sephora with the bf. Haha. Hope you don't mind! (: Will credit accordingly thru links, but if you mind, let me know! Blog is heartfelt-word.blogspot, but temporarily locked. Email if you want an invite though. Cheers!

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