Thursday, August 26, 2010

Human ❤ Nature Cleanser and Make-up Remover

Hallow ladies!! How's the week been treating y'all? I know the Philippines have been taking some Major,Major blows these past few days.. It makes me so sad that lives were lost in such a pointless and avoidable way but it is what it is.. and we know that as a nation we can get through this and this too shall pass.

Moving on.. I'm quite the late bloomer when it comes to Human ❤ Nature products. It has been making waves  for some time now but it is my first time trying their products. From what I know when you buy their products, it would benefit the Gawad Kalinga Foundation. So you not only get pretty, you get to help out too! And best is their products do not have chemicals that can harm us and the environment! See my point why I like their products? =D But wait there's MORE!!

(Haha! I sound like your home TV shopping channel!) The prices are unbelievably AFFORDABLE! And you know how I love those! =P

First up! The Cleanser and Make-up Remover. I bought this at Sesou in Market!Market! for only  ₱99.75!!

It has Honey and Cocoa Butter! Two substances that are known to be great for the skin. So let's try this out on my face yes? Here is a picture of my face after I got home today from work and my face has all the make-up, pollution and oil that I acquired during the day (ewwww..)

My face disapproves of yucky gunk on the face!!

Now let's do this!! According to them: "Massage a button-sized amount all over the face and eye-area and gently wipe of with tissue or rinse with water"

Since for me, button comes in all shapes and sizes I was a bit confused as to how much I need to use so I just picked the button of my jacket and based it from there..=P

I swear the button on my jacket is not shaped like a football! =D

And then I massaged it on my dry face. The texture is not very creamy. It's more gel-like in consistency and very slippery on the skin. (Think Cetaphil that is thick) I take special care especially near my eyes and I am wearing waterproof mascara so I take my time cleaning my lashes. Now wipe it off with cotton wipes or facial tissue. I also used it to remove my lipstick by putting some on tissue and gently wiping my lips clean.

So that's about it! I find my face rid of all make-up. Even my water-proof mascara is gone! And best part is that it left my skin really soft and supple. Then just follow this up by washing your face with your favorite cleanser and you're done! =D

Human ❤ Nature products are available in all Sesou Nature Source Stores in Market!Market!, Trinoma and Glorietta 3. You can also order online or find independent resellers.
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