Friday, August 13, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

I just wanna share one show I'm religiously following now. The show is a bit shallow but still I find myself being drawn in by all the pretty girls with their impeccable make-up and trendy clothes..=D 

My fave character would be Emily Fields played by Shay Mitchell because she's so pretty!!  Amaazing cheek-bones and face shape!! And I love that she's kinda morena and asian/ hawaiian looking.. so puurtty.. =D I officially have a girl crush on her..=P
I want to do her make-up!! =D

The story is your typical mean girls barkada in high school with the usual alpha female being the most meanest of them all but then she disappears and presumed dead. I actually find the storyline going nowhere fast but I do hope they get more seasons since I still like to see their cute clothes and great make-up! **shallow-mode**

That's it pusit! haha.. I just wanted to make a quick post since I have been neglecting this blog.. So sorry to my 9 followers..wahaha..=P Okay I'm feeling a bit wonky from all the flu meds I ingested and Efficascent oil I have inhaled because I caught the damn flu bug that's been going around for a while now.. I gotta stop writing now.. bye!! =D
Oh btw, do watch this show when you get the chance. It can be still worth your while..❤


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