Thursday, September 23, 2010

NYX soon in MANILA!!!!

*Breathe in.....Breathe out..*

After work I checked my facebook account and saw a new friend request. When I clicked it, I literally screamed! (Haha ask my sister..=P) It was a request from NYX Sprint Asia wanting to be friends. If you ask me I would want us to be BFFs right away!! =D

Sprint Asia is the company responsible for bringing Orly Nail Polishes, Parissa Wax, Temptu Airbrush System and many more to the Philippines! And only recently they brought us Wet n' Wild cosmetics.

I've been wondering (and praying and wishing) when would NYX cosmetics reach our shores and my prayers and wishes have been granted! I just hope that the prices would not be so high and it is not somewhere far but knowing Sprint Asia, it would be all over Manila in no time!

Add their Facebook page and get updates!



Lady E said...

Wow! I can't wait! We're really spoiled here in Manila.


Wow it's an awesome news! I'm sooo excited for it. Thanks for the info sis:-)

traciethediva said...

@Lady E: We are so spoiled I love it!! =D

@Minakichu: So am I! =D It will be easier to get our NYX fix!

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