Thursday, September 9, 2010

Payless in SM Megamall!!

     Howdy Ladies! How's the week been treatin' y'all?? =D For me it has been quite a busy week so far but let me just sneak in a mini post.

     SM Megamall is fast restoring it's former glory with the opening of amazing stores like Forever 21 and now the famous shoe store where most of our "balik-bayan" relatives buy their pasalubong, Payless has now reached our shores! There has been a store in Alabang for quite some time now but it's just too far for me to visit so when I heard that they are opening in SM Megamall, I thought "YAY!!" hehe. You get to visit Forever 21 and Payless in one mall! Great! =D

       Once inside, you'll feel like your working for a shoe store since it feels like you're inside their stock room! =D I love the concept! The downside was it was very crowded inside the hallways since every one is trying to get their hands on the pair that they like and I think that the air-conditioning of the store was not turned on since it was so hot and humid inside! Plus add the crowd... yikes! Believe me it's not a pretty picture! But I think the crowd is due to the fact that the store is new and people are just curious. So I wasn't really able to explore the store thoroughly but I did manage to get some "Spy" photos because of the crowd so they were also an advantage! =D

          The store has walls and walls of yummy shoes and it's great that they arranged it by size! So just go to the rack with your shoe size and browse! =D 

          Most of the shoes are for Women (Well we do love shoes yes?) but there is also a great selection for Men and Children. The whole family can shop in just one store. (which explains the crowd hmm...)

         And they don't just sell shoes, they also have and socks and gel insoles! which makes sense if you sell shoes but they also have Bags and Accessories! I didn't check the prices for the bags and accessories though but majority of the shoes are priced at ₱1,250 while some are a bit lower and higher.

           There are so much styles to chose from! From Ballet Flats to Knee-high Boots, you name it, they probably have it! 


           Is it a store worth checking out? Definitely! But I must warn you, parking in Megamall has been a nightmare since Forever 21 opened and now with this store open, you could imagine the volume of people. Their parking is full even in the weekdays! But for all you shopaholics out there, (me included!) I think we could not resist visiting! =D 

 I've heard that they are opening at various locations too so watch for it on your favorite malls! =D

2nd Floor Building A, SM Megamall



ria said...

it's one of my favorite stores here in LA. :) Watch out for their seasonal promo- BOGO (where you Buy One Get One, half off).

Thanks for sharing Tracie! :)

traciethediva said...

@ria: Naku, I hope the BOGO promo also applies to manila! Kasi usually sales here in manila are not really reduced prices dba? Let's just hope and see..=D

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