Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Eulogy to a great friend

It's been a sad, sad couple of weeks for me. I lost my camera. It wasn't even stolen or left somewhere. One moment it was in the car, the next thing it's gone.

And you all know that part of blogging is to get pictures for documenting experiences and informing readers what a product or a place looks like and who would read a blog that doesn't have pictures? I'm not that great at describing and I usually let the pictures speak for themselves. And it really came at an unfortunate time since I really do have a lot to blog about lately. sigh. c'est la vie.

I'm not one to dwell on what I have lost so I am thinking positive that it was a sign to move on. (To a better camera? =P) The thought of camera hunting excites me but till then I'll pay my final respects to a great friend who has been witness to all happy gatherings with friends and family, for being with me when I travel and capture the beauty of places that words cannot describe and for not complaining to prolonged exposure to my face every time I take pictures for this blog (haha!) =P

Goodbye my friend you will be missed.

Rest in Peace Canon Ixus... you will be missed.

Hope to new beginnings..


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