Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First time in Bangkok! Day 1

Hello! December 2010 has been the busiest month of my year! And first activity for December was a trip to Bangkok! I went there with my mom and her business partners and my friend and we had a great time sight-seeing, shopping and of course, Eating!!

We left Manila via Flight PR730 but our flight was delayed because of this...

Not only is it traffic in our roads but our skies too? Planes were waiting in line for their turn to take off.
During the flight, I tried to take a nap but the movie Eat.Pray.Love was on and I haven't watched that yet! And after 3 hours, I saw the first glimpse of Thailand!

 The Suvarnabhumi Airport is packed with tourists! The lines to immigration feels like a sold out concert in the MOA open concert grounds! But fortunately, they are very efficient and going through immigration was a breeze. Usually I get free maps of the city in the airport but surprisingly, there was none. 

After that we were picked up by our Airport transfer service to our hotel. Good thing we were traveling with parents so we have this luxury! haha! I usually rough through it and save money by using public transportation.

We also came at a great time since Thailand is in a festive mood since they will be celebrating their King's Birthday so the streets were decked in gold! 

And I was very excited to see this...
Hot PINK taxis!! Haha I can't wait to ride in one! 
Our hotel is in the Sukhumvit Area and with just a few cartwheels will land you at the BTS Asok station. Their BTS is their skytrain and it is definitely an advantage that you stay in a hotel near a BTS station. I will write about our hotel on a different post! =D

After check-in, freshening up and a bit of rest, we were ready to explore the city!
We tried to get tickets from the machine without changing the language! Thankfully we saw the English button! We bought tickets to Siam since all the malls we want to visit are in that area like the famous MBK, Siam Center, Siam Paragon and Siam Discovery! But first, we had to fill our tummies first! We went to eat at Ban Khun Mae!
They serve traditional thai food and we were so hungry that we ate a lot! Haha! then we were off exploring! I saw a Goldilocks shop that just opened! =D
 And while walking the streets, we saw this!! haha! Sorry to the kids reading this! LOL! We were laughing at the sign and the locals were just staring at us and couldn't understand why we were laughing! By this time I wanted to have a foot massage since we were walking for so long but I decided to just carry on and have a massage elsewhere..=P

I was expecting a lot of shopping in Bangkok since everyone raves that you will shop till you drop here but I couldn't find things I wanna buy which is a weird feeling for a shopaholic! So I just enjoyed the sights and had fun!
When I travel, I usually go to their supermarkets to see the unique food that the locals buy but the grocery in Siam Paragon left me speechless! Inside is so posh! with sections for dried fruits, nuts and a take-away salad bar. We bought snacks for our early trip to the Floating Market the following day and I saw our favorite cooling powder sold cheap here so we stocked up on that! I didn't get to buy any clothes or cosmetics but I definitely bought lotsa food! =D

Cute cotton candy balls! 

Nuts of all kinds and flavors! And it's funny because thais are so nice when we asked them if we can have a sample of the nuts, they agreed! (Haha! typical pinoy loves free taste tests =P)

Also check out their gigantic Hello Panda!! We bought this and I got myself a Mango flavored YanYan! =D

It was a tiring first day so by 10pm, we were ready to go back and rest. The "Adults" decided to take a tuk-tuk so that they can get to the hotel faster while my friend and I decided to take the BTS home.
Good thing though since the traffic at that time was horrible! Guidebooks weren't exaggerating when they said that Traffic in Bangkok is BAD! 

Sorry for our lousy faces! It was a long day and we couldn't wait to get to the hotel to take a nice hot bath and sleep!!

Till next time! Watch out for more BKK Adventures! =D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to Blogging!

I'm baaaack!! after a 2 month hiatus of not having a camera to blog! =D And my new cam came just in time for our Bangkok Trip!! =D

Meet... Lulu! my new Lumix LX-5!

Yay!! I'm psyched to be back to blogging! Stay tuned to hear about my trip to Bangkok and all the beauty finds and bargains I found there! It might come in handy if you decide to plan a trip there =D
I have a lot of products up for review and hopefully I get to it soonest! I owe so much to this blog already =) And to anyone reading this, Belated MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Looking forward to an awesome New Year!! =D

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