Thursday, September 23, 2010

NYX soon in MANILA!!!!

*Breathe in.....Breathe out..*

After work I checked my facebook account and saw a new friend request. When I clicked it, I literally screamed! (Haha ask my sister..=P) It was a request from NYX Sprint Asia wanting to be friends. If you ask me I would want us to be BFFs right away!! =D

Sprint Asia is the company responsible for bringing Orly Nail Polishes, Parissa Wax, Temptu Airbrush System and many more to the Philippines! And only recently they brought us Wet n' Wild cosmetics.

I've been wondering (and praying and wishing) when would NYX cosmetics reach our shores and my prayers and wishes have been granted! I just hope that the prices would not be so high and it is not somewhere far but knowing Sprint Asia, it would be all over Manila in no time!

Add their Facebook page and get updates!


Etude House: Proof 10 Eye Primer

Majority of Filipina Skin is oily. Then add to our oiliness the heat and humidity and yet we wonder why our make-up do not last long. It melts, fades and slides of our faces. Now, our prayers have been answered by the birth of Primers. There are face, lip and the most important and most needed by women, the Eye Primer. We have been suffering from creased eye shadows and migrated eyeliners for far too long. And now that we are more aware of these products we now strive to find the perfect one for us. We have all coveted the cult-favorite Urban Decay Primer Potion or the Two-Faced Shadow Insurance due to their popularity but sadly these brands are not available locally and you have to try your luck with Online Multiply Stores or rely on pasalubongs just to have these elusive products. Thus my lust for eye primers was born. It's quite funny how I can feel my heart skip every time I browse racks of cosmetics and see the label, "Eyeshadow Primer".

My mom has extremely oily lids and eye shadows and liners ALWAYS crease on her so I bought her the E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. We have been fans of the E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer but sadly I just chanced upon it on a multiply site and never got new stocks.

So the search continues for an eye shadow primer and we stumbled upon the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer!


Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer says that it "supplies coverage to eye-lids and around the eyes to enhance eyeshadow color and integrity for a longer lasting, perfect 10 look."

It comes with a doe-foot applicator and you must use your fingers to blend in the primer.

The texture is very creamy yet when blended, applies clear and matte. I like that the bottle is clear so that you can see how much product is left inside. I just don't know why they made the handle of the applicator so long.

After Blending

 Let's put this primer to the test. Here is my face with make-up on.

I then cooked lunch, went out, cooked again for class, walked to a busy intersection with guaranteed pollution on my face, got some groceries then did 11 somersaults and 7 back flips (Kidding!=P) and 12 hours later this is what my face or specifically my eyes look like.
It's clearly visible that my eye without the primer really got oily and yucky and the eyeshadow and liner is not even visible anymore. While my eye with the primer got a bit oily too but my eyeshadow is still somewhat visible and at least I can still see traces of my liner. Let's look at it up close. (get ready to be freaked out by "The Eye"!! =P)

Without Primer
 Up close, you can see my eyeshadow creased and totally faded! and my lids are not even extremely oily but I guess it was just a busy and hot day.

With Primer
Here, you can see that the color of my shadows significantly faded but at least some are still there! hehe.. and my eyeliner is still there and it is not that much oily too so no creasing.

So my verdict would be that this is an OK product. Not an OMG it's soooo Amaziiing!!! primer but it can help. But I think ladies with very oily lids would not find this great though since the oil control properties of this is not that great. But with the awesome price of ₱238 (I think.. I'll have to confirm first) for a 10 gram (0.35 oz.) bottle, go on and try it! It's cheap considering the amount of product. 

Get it at an Etude House store near you! =D


Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunch out at Omakase!

    I have been craving for Japanese Food for the longest time! I just don't know why I never found the chance to go out and eat but finally last Sunday, my craving was fulfilled! I have attempted to eat at Omakase last Saturday too since I was already in Eastwood and there is a branch just beside the Citibank Building but we had movie tickets and walking all the way there would mean missing the previews! (I love watching those! =D) so we just ate nearby and leaving me disappointed.

The next day my parents and I went to Greenhills for some errands and imagine my delight when the car passed by an Omakase Restaurant! I didn't even know there was a branch there! So we decided to eat there. Inside there was a waiting list of many families wanting to eat there too, even though we were hungry we really waited. But we didn't wait for long.

Let's move on to the food shall we?

First up, Soup!
Miso Soup, ₱45

We ordered the regular Miso soup. The one with tofu, wakame seaweeds and spring onions. It tastes like your average miso soup and served in the traditional mini black bowls with cover. They also have different kinds of Miso soup like one with Kani (Crab stick), Tamago (Egg), Sakana (Red Snapper and tofu) but I like my Miso soup the traditional way.

Next for appetizers we ordered...
Tuna Tataki, ₱180

It's like tuna sashimi but it is lightly seared and rolled in chili powder and topped with sesame seeds! It is served with special vinaigrette sauce. I got to say that I really liked this and that's saying a lot since I feel squeamish to eating sashimi! I don't like the raw texture of fish it's like dense gelatin but since this one is seared, I didn't seem to bother me much. Plus the spicy taste and the sour sauce, This dish is worth tasting!

You are not eating in a Japanese Restaurant without eating Sushi so we ordered a fusion type of Maki
Mt. Fuji Roll, ₱270

 We ordered this from the Makimono Range an it is deep-fried tuna inside with Unagi (eel) with a slice of cream cheese on top. Even though the tuna is deep-fried, it's not yet cooked through it's similar to the Tuna Tataki. Plus the Unagi and Cream Cheese combo is heaven!! It also comes with a different sauce that compliments the maki. I would definitely order this again!

5 pieces Ebi Tempura (Shrimp), ₱260

Ebi tempura is much of a requirement when eating in a Japanese Restaurant. I found this extremely crispy but not overly oily. 

Chicken Teppan, ₱200

This dish is so yummy even though it's so simple. The chicken was pan-fried perfectly, not dry but still very juicy and served with sauteed veggies and served with a sauce that merges soy sauce, garlic and butter beautifully. I can eat this all by myself and I won't share!! =P
Tofu Steak, ₱210

When I saw tofu steak on the menu, I though it was like other restos that just serve tofu with some sauce and call it tofu steak but I was shocked to see a tofu with steak! It's Japanese Tofu wrapped in a thin slice of beef then stir-fried. This tasted yummy too since I'm a fan of tofu but some may find this a bit bland. The beef is so tender that it really compliments the softness of the tofu.

Softshell Crab Tempura, ₱325

This dish is so amazing it deserves 2 pictures! hehe... I'm again not a fan of crab but once I tasted this... Ohmy, It's so delicious!! This is their best-seller according to our wait staff. Its crunchy outside but once you take a bite, it's soft and juicy and yummy!! It's my first time to eat Softshell Crabs so it was fun to eat even their shells and the pincers!! It is paired with their Ponzu sauce and the sour and spicy flavors of the dipping sauce is a winner for me. 

All of the dishes were eaten with...
a Cup of Japanese Fried Rice, ₱60

The rice tastes great too! They use bits of beef not ground beef like in other restaurants. I just wished the carrots were cooked a bit more since it was a still a bit too undercooked for me but taste-wise, it's good enough for me. =D

I liked the ambiance of the Greenhills Branch since it's fairly new.
The dining area is on the second floor and you'll be greeted by a mural of a Japanese Doll. So Kawaii!!! 

The Sushi Bar

They have enclosed dining rooms great for business meetings and parties.

The Greenhills branch just opened last June so the interiors are still new and I like this branch better than Libis because of the interiors and location. They have other branches too!

Overall, Omakase Restaurant serves Japanese Fusion dishes and the price is reasonable considering the quality of the food you'll be getting. This is now officially my Favorite Japanese Restaurant!

Have you tried eating here and what other restos can you recommend me to try? =D

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Payless in SM Megamall!!

     Howdy Ladies! How's the week been treatin' y'all?? =D For me it has been quite a busy week so far but let me just sneak in a mini post.

     SM Megamall is fast restoring it's former glory with the opening of amazing stores like Forever 21 and now the famous shoe store where most of our "balik-bayan" relatives buy their pasalubong, Payless has now reached our shores! There has been a store in Alabang for quite some time now but it's just too far for me to visit so when I heard that they are opening in SM Megamall, I thought "YAY!!" hehe. You get to visit Forever 21 and Payless in one mall! Great! =D

       Once inside, you'll feel like your working for a shoe store since it feels like you're inside their stock room! =D I love the concept! The downside was it was very crowded inside the hallways since every one is trying to get their hands on the pair that they like and I think that the air-conditioning of the store was not turned on since it was so hot and humid inside! Plus add the crowd... yikes! Believe me it's not a pretty picture! But I think the crowd is due to the fact that the store is new and people are just curious. So I wasn't really able to explore the store thoroughly but I did manage to get some "Spy" photos because of the crowd so they were also an advantage! =D

          The store has walls and walls of yummy shoes and it's great that they arranged it by size! So just go to the rack with your shoe size and browse! =D 

          Most of the shoes are for Women (Well we do love shoes yes?) but there is also a great selection for Men and Children. The whole family can shop in just one store. (which explains the crowd hmm...)

         And they don't just sell shoes, they also have and socks and gel insoles! which makes sense if you sell shoes but they also have Bags and Accessories! I didn't check the prices for the bags and accessories though but majority of the shoes are priced at ₱1,250 while some are a bit lower and higher.

           There are so much styles to chose from! From Ballet Flats to Knee-high Boots, you name it, they probably have it! 


           Is it a store worth checking out? Definitely! But I must warn you, parking in Megamall has been a nightmare since Forever 21 opened and now with this store open, you could imagine the volume of people. Their parking is full even in the weekdays! But for all you shopaholics out there, (me included!) I think we could not resist visiting! =D 

 I've heard that they are opening at various locations too so watch for it on your favorite malls! =D

2nd Floor Building A, SM Megamall


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