Thursday, December 22, 2011

Read me on Project!!

Hi! I promise I'm still alive! =D So many things have happened to me since I was in still in Taiwan and when I came back home.  I'm still trying to catch up on things and getting better before I can update this blog.

Remember my post that I have a surprise? Well I got chosen to blog for Project Vanity! And you can read my guest post by clicking THIS!

Thanks for the opportunity Liz!

And before anything else, Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick Update!

Hello! Looking back, I started this blog November of 2009. I've been planning to do an Anniversary Giveaway this month but something came up and now I'm back in Taiwan and won't be back until December so I decided to postpone it till then.

But there are some exciting things coming up with this blog as I've been chosen to be a guest reviewer for a popular Beauty Blogger! Excited! =D I'll post the link once it's up!

And I'll also be discovering new finds while I'm here in Taiwan! So just wanted y'all to know that!

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Affordable Fashion: Ballet Flats from Tomato and Solemate!

I love shoes. I love it so much that I brought home 12 pairs of shoes from my Taiwan trip! The BF couldn't believe what I had done and sanctioned me on a shoe shopping ban. I haven't even worn some of the shoes I bought yet here I am buying new pairs!

But see how can I resist when they look so awesome?! See for yourself...

Diba it looks so Fashyoon?! My favorite style of shoes would be the ballet flats. I can wear sandals, heels, wedges, sneakers, oxfords to espadrilles but I always go back to flats. What's not to like? You can walk in them all day without sacrificing style and even if you're comfy, you won't look sloppy! One of my pet peeves would be wearing a thought out outfit that looks so stylish only to be ruined by wearing FLIP FLOPS! geez! Now, I don't have anything against flip flops but pairing them with a stylish outfit is blasphemy when you can have the same comfort with ballet flats!

Enough ranting! I'll bring back my smile because of these amazing finds I recently stumbled upon.

Both pairs on top came from Tomato, a local brand that is known for trendy clothes but now, my supplier of comfy flats! I bought shoes from the brand before and I can attest that they are really durable! I've had a pair for years now and I'm still wearing it!

They have a great shoe collection in their stores now! I literally went crazy because I didn't know what to pick! But I settled with these...

Animal prints are forever trendy so it's great to invest in a pair. If the leopard print is too feisty for your liking, why not try a good ole' snake skin print to awaken your animalistic side! Just be prepared to hear somebody ask you: "Sapatos mo ba yan, or Balat mo?" (No Other Woman Hangover..=P) 

I love that the snake skin print is embossed and not printed only so it has that authentic soshal feel plus the toe cap of matte metallic gold is a win for me! This style comes in more colors too!

The next pair I got is a more glam version of the shoes. The black velvet paired with the distressed gold toe cap elevates the status of this pair and you can wear it for night outs! This style comes in a bazillion other colors!! But most are jewel toned so that it pairs beautifully with the gold toe cap! I had a hard time choosing the color I want! But I decided to chose a more classic pair hence the black... =)

These pairs are great for both work and play and again best part?

Hello Cheapo!! =D Nothing this stylish and durable cost only that much! And to compare this with the usual tiangge shoe finds which are usually over embellished that cost ₱350, add a few pesos more and strut to your nearest Tomato store instead!

Next shoe haunt I found was this little display case inside SM Department Stores called Solemate!

A lot of styles are available but the prominent design would be, Ribbons and Bows! Fortunately, I love them so lucky me!

I've been meaning to find gray ballet flats and look at this cute pair!

The usual drab shade of gray was brightened by the peeking patches of floral underneath the knot that looks like a bow! Kyoot!

And this pair combines my love of bows and toe capped pairs! Also it's an unusual shade of blue.

Best feature? Yep! The price!

Ohyeah.. a pair costs ₱299.75! not even 300! haha.. A lot of styles are available now if you hurry because these display stands are always flocked with people!

So there.. I have 4 new pairs of ballet flats!! But shhhh.. don't tell the BF okay? It's our little secret..=)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Crackle Nail Polish

Halloo! Just a quick post on something I stumbled upon last week. If you're getting bored from plain old nail polish, why not try the trend of crackle nail polish? Oh yeah, those kinds of polish are a bit pricey if you buy from, OPI, China Glaze, Sally Hansen etc.. and it's not available locally... Bummer!

Now, you can get fabulous, trendy nails with...

It's the OMG (Oh My Golly) Cracked Nail Polish by Klik! Ok, no matter how funny the name of this polish is, I tell you you will not laugh at this but you probably drop your jaws and stare in awe because it will crackle in front of your eyes within seconds! So cool!

You can conclude that this is my first time trying this kind of nail polish because I was so amazed! haha, even if crackle polish has been around for quite a while now.

Ahem, please excuse my extremely dry cuticles but I was excited to try it out before getting a proper manicure =D

I got the Cracked Onyx shade which is a dark grape juice purple with semi sparkles =D Another great thing is it's manufactured locally! I usually shy away from local nail polishes because I'm making an effort to get "healthier" nail polish without the harmful chemicals and I'm happy that this is Toluene & DBP Free!

Ok, if you know me the great thing about this is the.... Yes, The PRICE can't be beat at ₱34.75 ($0.80) from Landmark, Trinoma =D

And let's leave it at that! Now will you try this trend with me?! =D


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils

Hello! I can now say that my shopping ban is over! Woot! I couldn't even wait to go to the mall for shopping so I immediately logged online for some online shopping therapy! Now, I've been wanting needing some new pencil eyeliners and good thing that my favorite shop for make-up, Get Sophisticated has stock on my ultimate Holy Grail Eyeliners, The UD 24/7 Eye Pencils.

I first discovered and tried these pencils from my Naked Palette where they included a dual ended 24/7 pencil and it was love at first try! The pencils were so smooth to apply and I must say they really do Glide on! And they are so pigmented one swipe and your done! It looks like you're wearing gel or even liquid liner with the ease and speed of a pencil! =D Now I know these qualities are easy to find in pencils that are available locally or even at a cheaper price but does it smudge or fade? My guess is yes, but with these pencils, it really is waterproof, smudge proof and it doesn't fade later in the day! Even with the hot and humid Manila weather, it survives! I've been looking for a pencil eyeliner that doesn't fade or smudge and I'm so happy that I found THE one! =D

Now, when it comes to eyeliners, I like neutrals, Black, Brown and a bit of Gold. I can sometimes wear a pop of purple or green as eyeliners but I don't like to spend too much on eyeliners that I won't get to use on a regular basis and these pencils are not cheap! but I'm lucky that I found great deals for these pencils online.

First up is the shade Baked. Now this I got from Hoops and Loops for an awesome price of ₱450! Yes  it's that cheap and this usually retails for $18 (Approx ₱800) but local online stores sell it for ₱900-1000. This pencil is part of the 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection of 24/7 pencils.

 It has a shimmery copper brown shade and looks great in brightening the eyes if applied in the lower lash line. And these pencils also last in the water line!

Next are the pencils I bought from Get Sophisticated for ₱700 each and first up is the shade Bourbon.

Each full-sized pencil has a good amount of 1.2grams of product.

The bourbon shade is a matte brown with lots of glitters. The glitters are so prominent that you can see it from the tip of the pencil.

I also got the shade Zero, a matte black pencil. It's a pretty straightforward black and I love how you can easily use this to tightline the upper lashes.

I bought this brand new but I guess the tip got nicked by the cap that's why it looks used.

The dual-ended 24/7 pencils from the Naked Palette has the shade Zero and a limited edition color, Whiskey. Whiskey is a matte brown and it's a bit disappointing that Urban Decay didn't include this shade in their permanent line because I love it so much! Not only is it LE but travel sized too! I already used up so much! *sobs*

I bought the Bourbon shade to replace Whiskey once I ran out but as you can see, they are totally different. I love the dark brown shade of Whiskey because it's not to dark as compared to other eyeliners that are bordering on Black-brown. Bourbon is still a great brown eyeliner if not only for the annoying micro glitters. I like sparkly things but not glitter on my eyeliner because it's such a pain to remove even with a good make-up remover. The 24/7 liners can easily be removed with a make-up remover but the micro glitters somehow manage to survive between my lashes or it migrates to other parts of my face so yeah, it is annoying. But I have to say that the Bourbon eyeliner brightens the eyes, and yes I think it's because of those glitters so they must have added that for that exact purpose.

See the glitters from my picture? haaay! And the shade Baked also share the same quality of having glitters but thankfully not so plenty. But I think this is the reason these pencils have that brightening effect on the eyes so I can forgive Urban Decay for that.. =P

All in all, I love these pencils! They really work for our climate but I've heard some people using this and it smudged on them. For me, I use them with a primer to get rid of the oiliness in the eyelids then eyeshadow then this. I don't know how these will fare on naked, oily eyelids.

The most con I can think of is that it's not available locally then next that it's not cheap but I can really say that trolling online stores looking for this is worth it. These pencils really deliver and if you like really bright and outrageous colors, the 24/7 line has a wide range of colors.

That's it for me! I missed you guys! =D

HAPPY SHOPPING!! (for me too! Yay!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lauat Treatment Shampoo for Falling Hair

Being on a shopping ban sucks! It's torture when I see sale updates all around me... But what sucks the most is I don't have any new discoveries to share with all of you. (sad face)

Yesterday in school, (I teach BTW) we were talking and a teacher said that she's having trouble with falling hair. And I thought to myself, this is the 4th person I encountered recently who's having the same problem. And you know what? I used to be one of them too!

I dreaded washing my hair because too many hair strands fall off my head. I read somewhere that it's normal to lose 100-150 strands of hair per day but the clump of hair that I clutch in my hands was clearly an alarming amount. I also spy hair strands on my pillow when I wake up and just combing my fingers through my hair cause them to fall off. I was thinking to myself, "Whatizzthis?!?!" with a panic.

And that's when I decided to start using "healthier" shampoo. I tried natural shampoo bars and gentle shampoo with less chemicals but my falling hair still persisted.

Then I discovered...

Lauat Hair Care Line

The Lauat Hair Treatment Shampoo for Falling Hair. At first, I was skeptical if it would work since I've tried so many shampoos already but I still gave it a try. After a few days, it's still the same with hair fall every time I shower but after a few weeks of using it, I did notice that the hair fall was significantly less and now I've been using this for more than 6 months now and my hair fall problem is gone! There are still a few strands that fall from my head but it's just 2-3 now compared to the clumps I had before! So even if I do get bored on products easily and want to discover something new, one thing that I don't change in my beauty routine is this shampoo.

Now that I've raved much about this, what makes this shampoo so effective? It's the natural extracts that was used in making this shampoo.

First main ingredient is the Lawat Leaf Extract that is traditionally used in the Philippines in preventing hair loss, promoting hair growth and relieving itchiness and skin inflammations.

and secondly Gugo that helps to increase micro-circulation of blood in the scalp with anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties.

And what's even more awesome is that the doctor who made this formulation is PINOY! And their company is the first Filipino herbal company that established a manufacturing facility in the United States! So I dunno if their products are also available in the States.

So I'm feeling extra proud in raving about this shampoo because they used traditional herbal ingredients and made a product that absolutely works plus it's Filipino made! =D

Now onto the shampoo itself, the scent is something I can't describe and compare with another but I love,love,love it! My hair smells clean and fresh after using!

It has a dark amber color and what I love about this is unlike other "healthy" shampoos I've used, this actually lathers up!

For me that's important if I want to feel that my hair is getting clean! =D

The downside to that would be it leaves the hair squeaky clean, meaning it dries out the hair. The Lauat line doesn't carry any rinse-off conditioner and it leaves my already curly hair even more frizzy. They have a leave-on conditioner but I feel that my hair needs a bit more conditioning than that. 

This shampoo sells locally from ₱179 to ₱185 (approx US$4.50) depending on where you are going to buy it. (It's cheaper in Landmark and Market!Market! and most expensive in SM Watson stores)

I know, I know, ₱180 for a bottle of shampoo is not cheap but the big bottle has 250ml of shampoo! Plus if you want to try it out first without investing in the big bottle, It's also available in travel sized bottles for about ₱50.

Aside from using this shampoo, one tip I can give is that before stepping in the shower, brush or comb your hair to get rid of tangles to lessen the stress we can give to our wet hair when in the shower as wet hair is more sensitive to breakage.

So there you go! I've been recommending this to my friends and family and now I'm spreading the word to all of you dear readers, as maybe some of you has the same trouble with falling hair. As you all know, Sharing is Caring!

Still on the shopping ban so,

HAPPY SHOPPING for all of you except me...="(

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vintage Vixen Make-up

How are you all with our gloomy stormy weather? I hope everyone is safe out there and try not to leave the house unless it's absolutely necessary. Safety first! Shopping Later. =P

I love love, E.L.F.'s Studio Line Lip Stain in Fashionista so I decided to also get the other shade, Red Carpet! It's sad that here in the Philippines, only 3 shades are available and the shade Birthday Suit is a very pale pink that's flattering on very pale or very dark skin so for us Filipinas with our fair-medium skin tone, we don't have much choice. I wish they also bring the other shades available here. Enough Ranting! =P

This look is inspired by the lip stain because of it's bright cherry red shade, I thought it would look great for a vintage inspired look!

I tried using affordable make-up so you can easily achieve this look without breaking the bank! 

I already applied my trusty Tinted Moisturizer, Concealer and Brows. I also applied an eyeshadow primer.

I'm using Ellana Mineral eyeshadow for this look.

Inspiration is described as a golden beige frost. It offers a wash of colors on the lids with a a frosty finish that makes the eyes pop.

Brush the eyeshadow all over the lid using a flat shader brush.

Beloved is a mid-tone chocolate brown with a matte finish. Using a round crease brush, lightly define the eye crease.

Blend the crease color and make sure there are no harsh lines.

Using Revlon's Matte shadow in 001 to highlight the brow bone and blend out the eye shadows.

Then use Inspiration to add highlight on the inner tear duct area.

Next is to add winged eye liner. You can use liquid but I prefer a Gel Liner as it offers a bit more control while having the effect and darkness of a liquid eye liner.

I'm using Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner but I highly recommend Maybelline's Gel Liner for a cheaper alternative! I just ran out of that so I'm using Bobbi Brown this time.

Make the eyeliner prominent and extend the eyeliner to make a winged effect.

Now to really create that vintage look is to have long wispy lashes. To achieve that, let's wear False Lashes!

I bought this box of lashes from my trip in Taiwan and it's so inexpensive! A box of 10 lashes only cost, 100NT or ₱150! That's ₱15 per pair! =D These kinds of lashes are best paired with winged eye liners as it the shape extends the eyes creating bigger looking eyes!

If your looking for this particular shape of False Lashes locally, I used to buy from the Face Shop in XLH. I like the Face Shop's better because of the length is just perfect. For the Taiwan Lashes, I have to trim it to fit my eyes.

After trimming, apply a thin strip of eyelash glue and wait for 30 seconds before applying on the lash line.

When the glue is dry, apply eyeliner on the strip of the false lashes to blend out the false lash band.

Because of the heaviness of the false lashes, I wanted to open up my eyes more but I find that using white eyeliner on my water line is too obvious for my skin tone. Fortunately, I have the MAC Chromagraphic Pencil that instead of the stark white shade, it has a flesh or skin tone color.

Using an angled brush, slightly darken the lower lash line with the eyeshadow Beloved or you can use a dark brown eye liner but make sure to smudge it out for a softer look.
Now, contour your face. This part is important for the Vintage Look, after this you can just apply lip color since the vintage look doesn't really have blush but I wanted to add a bit of flush to my cheeks.

I'm using Doll, for a Light Pink Peach blush that is not too bright and obvious. I don't want it to clash with the very bright lip color I'm going to apply.

Now the Lips! The most important part in achieving the Vintage look. Bright Red Lips, preferably with a matte finish with the cupid's bow accentuated.
ELF Studio Lip Stain in Red Carpet

Use the lip stain but don't use the gloss side so that the lip is matte. If it feels too drying for your lips, you can wear lip balm underneath the stain. And make sure to exfoliate the lips so that cracks and peeling lips won't bother you.

Using the MAC Chromagraphic Pencil or a white eyeliner, draw a small "V" on your cupid's bow to define the shape of the lips. It also creates a bit of highlight to draw attention to the lips.

Just dust your face with setting powder for a nice matte finish and that's it! This look is very wearable even if it's a dated look. For a night out or if you just want to look fierce on a normal day, this look is great to try out! =D
Edited photo for a Vintage Feel! =D

HAPPY MID-WEEK!! Friday's just around the corner!

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