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ONE Naturales Travel Kit

          A little break from posting about Bangkok. I wanna share something I stumbled upon. O.N.E. Naturales has been in the market since last year and I wanted to try the products since I wanted to shift to more natural and organic beauty products for myself and also for the environment. 

But upon checking the price, it's not cheap! And I really wanted to try the solid shampoo and conditioner but shelling out ₱485 each for a product I was not sure that would actually work hindered me from taking the leap and buying this until now...


O.N.E. Naturales Travel Light set! Inside, it has 5 sample sizes of their best sellers and it's also great for traveling!

It's housed in a wooden box that you can re-use as a keepsake box. Remember to recycle!

Inside you will find:
- (1) 30 g Extra Virgin Body Soap
- (1) 30 ml Hand & Body Lotion in Movie Star Skin
- (1) 30 ml Body Scrub in Cherry Blossom Trails
- (1) 30 g Solid Shampoo in Goldilocks
- (1) 30 g Solid Conditioner Hair Boost

**Home TV Shopping Voice**  That's 5 amazing products for a low, low price of...

Haha!! =P It really is a great deal considering for example, the regular size of the solid shampoo or conditioner is 56 grams for ₱485 but for this set, you get 30 grams of product or half size for about ₱120! (₱599 ÷ 5 products = ₱119.8 per product) Imagine the savings! =D

I'll show you a closer look on each product in the set to get you much excited about this!

First up!

1. Body Scrub in Cherry Blossom Trails


I like this scrub, it smells nice and the combination of salt and sugar as a scrub is gentle enough on my skin. One thing I don't like is it's hard to spread the product because it's too sticky! but it was a great product but the amount in the set is enough for just 1 whole body rub down! =D

2. Body Soap in Extra Virgin


Actually, I haven't used this yet since I'm saving this for our Hong Kong trip but it smells so good! I hope this soap is moisturizing since it is made from pure olive oil but it is also said to even out skin tone and has anti-wrinkle properties! =D

3. Hand & Body Lotion in Movie Star Skin


    I love that it is sealed that way since metal tubes are notorious for oozing out products on their own. The texture of the lotion is quite thick and heavy. Perfect for our weather now since the cold tend to dry out skin more but even though it's heavy, it absorbs well on the skin and leaves a yummy scent on the skin. I love this so much that I have the full size of the lotion in the Vanilla Almond Custard scent!

4. Solid Shampoo in Goldilocks


This is one of the products I bought the whole set for! =D Goldilocks Solid shampoo is said to be for Blondes. Though I'm not a blonde, I assumed that it is meant for colored hair. I don't know if I'm right but according to their website it is used to prevent hair loss. Hmmm.. I still love this! The scent is light and fruity and if you look closely it has glitters!! The glitter part won me over! =D 
I love that you don't need to rub it in too hard on your hair and it lathers up really well. After rinsing you really feel that your hair is squeaky clean but you will definitely need to condition your hair after this.

5. Solid Conditioner Hair Boost


This one smells sooo yummy! It smells like banana shake on a beach with sunblock! LOL! Instant vacation! =D I'm quite confused as to how to use it since I researched that some use it the same way you use the solid shampoo: Rub on hair then rinse. But some say that you use this after shampooing and rub on hair but not rinsing it after. Hmmm.. just try both! =P

Honestly, I had a hard time using this because you really have to rub this on every part of your hair to soften the hair and this is a small bar so it does take longer than the regular creamy conditioner. But for the sake of the environment, I continued to use this. Now that I am used to this, I'm in "like" with it not really in "love" with it but I am still using this. I bought the full size and it makes a difference because of the size of the bar. It covers more space! =D The conditioning power of this is just OK but it really leaves my hair smelling so yummy! I use the rinse out method but during times that I feel that my hair is extra dry, I just grab the bar and rub it into my dry hair for an instant hair booster! =D

All in all, I do love this set! It lets me try out their products and I must say it's a good move for them since I bought full sizes of the products I do love even though it's a bit pricey.
They also have different box sets that is a bit cheaper but also with less products so I recommend that you get this one to try most of their product line. But hurry as the SA told me that once stocks are out, they don't have new ones coming since I think it was a promotion for Christmas.

ONE Naturales are available in most Watson and SM Beauty Stores Nationwide.

Check out their website for more info:


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SilQ Hotel at Bangkok!

Hallooow!! =D Gosh I have so much debt from this blog! I should finish blogging about our Bangkok trip since we'll be leaving this weekend for Hong Kong!

So anyway, If you are planning a trip to Bangkok and haven't found a hotel yet, I recommend the SilQ Hotel!
SilQ is pronounced as "Silk" and is located in the Sukhumvit area with a BTS (Skytrain) Station (Asok) just a few steps away which is ideal if you want to get to shopping places while avoiding the traffic Bangkok is famous for. SilQ is a boutique hotel so don't expect to have a pool or a fitness center like most high-end hotels have but they do make up for it with their excellent service!

My mom, her friend and I stayed at a Deluxe Room. It has 2 twin beds and we requested for an extra bed for me! I must say the room is really spacious!

My mom and her friend counting moolah! =D
We had room to park our luggage without bumping into each other. I expected to be in a room where we have little to no space to put our things because of the extra bed but I was pleasantly surprised.
The room had the usual flat screen TV with Thai channels! The only channels we could understand were HBO, Star Movies and CNN =D

The standard amenities are there like the mini ref, a huge closet and a safe. But what I'm really interested about is the Bathroom! =D For me, if a bathroom is dirty and ugly, even if you have an awesome room, the hotel will score low points. Thankfully, their bathroom is awesome!

They don't have a bathtub but I prefer a shower head anyway so that's a plus. My only concern was the water temperature is hard to control. One minute it's too hot then it gets cold. I only get my desired temp once I'm almost done showering! =D

And brushing your teeth would be a joy especially if you see this beautiful fresh orchid everyday! I don't use hotel bath products but the bottles are too cute to leave behind! =D

Now it's obvious how much I love Hotel Bathrooms since I have a lot to say about them! haha! =D

SilQ has a small restaurant at the ground floor and this is where they serve breakfast. The breakfast is nothing fancy. Just your choice of Bacon, sausage or ham with your choice of how you want your eggs cooked. They cook it once you order so you get hot, fresh breakfast all the time. With your choice of breakfast, they also have a simple spread of bread, cereal, fresh fruits, jams and juice to go with your breakfast.

One night, when we had so much walking done and we didn't have the energy to eat out, we decided to try the food at the hotel. Fortunately we did since the food is so YUMMY! Their food is more of an Asian fusion and very sophisticated.

First up! Roasted Bell Pepper cream soup with an eggplant wonton. This soup is so rich and creamy but at the same time it has an acidity that cuts the richness of the cream plus the crunch wonton in the middle gives the soup a different dimension in texture.

Roasted Bell Pepper soup

Then we ordered some appetizers!

I'm not much of a Calamari fan because I don't like the toughness of squid when it is overcooked but this time, Haaay it's love! The batter is so crunchy then when you sink your teeth into the squid, it's so soft and melts in your mouth. Plus it's drizzled with a mayo based sauce with cheese with kick of chilies while served over a salsa of tomatoes and fresh herbs! Soo good! =D

Calamari Love..=D

Meanwhile, the chicken wings or drumettes is just okay. I like the crunchiness but the sauce is a garlic-mayo with lots of MINT! It was a new taste but I'm not a fan.

And some spring rolls or what we call "lumpia" =D Come to think of it, I don't remember tasting this because I was distracted by this...

Creamy mushroom fusili! It may not look much but when you taste it, WOW!! The pasta is cooked al dente  with lots of oyster and shiitake mushrooms tossed with a bit of white wine and cream. I love the simple and straightforward taste of this dish. And I love how it's not heavy but it's very filling! (Huh? Labo?) Maybe I'm going crazy because I'm crazy for this dish that I had to order it again on our last day in BKK..=D
After my yummy pasta came out, I didn't pay much attention to their orders I just wolfed mine down! hehe.. but I did manage to get 1 more picture...

Spicy Chicken stir-fry with egg
Much like our tapsilog thai style!! =D

I only have good things to say about SilQ Hotel's service but what makes them a winner in my book is... (If you read my blog you know this already! =D)

The PRICE! or in this case the room rates. They have an ongoing promotion that if you booked early, you can get a discount plus if you book through their website, they have special internet rates. The promo is still on til March 31, 2011. While I know you can find cheaper places to stay in BKK, the comfort, location and quality of the hotel is worth it! I only paid ₱6,000+ for my share in our room and we stayed for 4 nights! I say that's a great deal!

Get to know more about SilQ Hotel though their website.

SilQ Bangkok

54 Sukhumvit Soi 19,
Sukhumvit Road,
Klongtoey-nua, Wattana,
Bangkok 10110

Tel: +66 (0)2 252 6800
Fax: +66 (0)2 252 6809

Planning a trip to Bangkok? Or if you have more questions just ask away! =D

Happy Traveling!!

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