Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Damnoensaduak Floating Market

Hello!! Say Good morning with my face! Haha! Day 2 of our Bangkok adventure and we decided to check out the famous Floating Markets of Thailand. The most popular that's near Bangkok is the Damnoensaduak Floating Market. (Don't ask me how to pronounce that! =P)

The floating market is a bit outside of Bangkok and the trip usually takes an hour and a half.

You can take public transportation to the market but it would take you longer to get there so we decided to hire a car to take us there. We hired "Lucky Kabayan Tours" and it's great because the company is owned by Wisut, a thai national with his wife a pinay! He can speak really good tagalog! And our designated tour guide is Gemma, the sister of Wisut's wife so she is also pinay! =D

When we got to the docks, I was surprised to see that it was just so small and a bit secluded. I was expecting a huge dock with lots of people and boats to choose from but I guess since we took a tour, they had a dock that they were affiliated with. But no complaints here since the boat is motorized and with a roof! Then off we went through the canals...

It literally smelled like a Kanal from back here in manila! LOL! It took quite a while for us to get to the main khlongs (canal) but I knew that we were near when I saw this...

First glimpse of the shops! yay! =D It's fun because when the boat gets near a shop, they call you and hook your boat so that you can take a look at their merchandise!

Ooops sorry! I caught her at a bad time! =D They sell all kinds of souvenirs like elephant bags, statues, key chains and all those usual stuff but sadly it's EXPENSIVE! and not unique at all. So we decided to just look around instead. =D
They also sell lots of spices and loose leaf tea by the gram! cute!
Then a fruit vendor suddenly floated by and we bought green mangoes! I like our green mangoes better though..
I just had to take a picture of this stall with the cute metal figurines and the vendor who serenades the tourists to come buy his stuff! (Janno Gibs is that you?? =P)

And if ever you do find yourself wanting to buy an expensive item, no worries if you don't have enough cash since they accept Credit Cards! Haha this cracked me up! =D

But what we really came for is the FOOD! My dad who has been there before warned us not to eat at the floating market because it's not clean but what the heck! Do as the locals do right? =D

First stop, Fried anything on a stick! We figured the heat of the frying would kill the bacteria so we fearlessly ordered away! =P

Since we can't speak Thai, we just pointed at what looks good!

We got hotdog wrapped in wonton wrappers! Haha! but it tasted so good! we also ate a lot of fish cakes, squid balls etc. I love that the sauce it was served with was not too spicy.

Now we have another fruit vendor. Check out those red fruit that looks like bell pepper! It's actually Macopa! (Wax Apple in English!)

And this food is the one I miss in Bangkok! The Grilled Sausages! I don't know the Thai name of this street food (In this case, khlong food!=P) but it sure is super tasty! 

It's like a hybrid of our local Longganisa but with garlic and vinegar taste!Then grilled till it's a bit charred and crispy!

Best part is that inside the sausage, it has rice and vermicelli noodles! It's like a complete meal in a stick! My mouth is watering now that I'm thinking about it! =D

And this is a funny scene! We wanted to try the coconut cream crepes but the vendor's boat is trapped! Then she used this contraption to give the food and then you will put the payment in the basket!

This looked too yummy that I took a huge bite before I remembered to take a picture! =D

The Floating Market is fun if it's your first time in Bangkok but I personally won't visit it again. I think that it doesn't show what the floating markets true essence and it is more like a tourist trap. They sell overpriced items and part of the tour is that you have to stop at this coconut farm where they will also try and sell you more overpriced souvenirs. But it is a great experience! Go ahead if you're visiting for the first time but just be wary of the overpricing.

A tip if you're planning to visit this place is to come very early so you can see the actual market come to life! We got there at about 9:30 am and only a few boats were left selling.

Happy Trip!


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