Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food Love: I got my burger fix at Boulevard Diner!

I've been craving for a good burger since forever and I finally had that fixed yesterday. On a rare occasion that my family and I are out on a weekday, we decided to have "merienda" at Boulevard Diner.

The joint is on Xavierville Avenue and watch out for it because you might miss it! We sat down and pored over the menu and we actually took a long time in choosing our orders because the choices are so many! And I wanted to taste EVERYTHING! =D

Cge, try it yourself...

From Boulevard Diner's FB Page

So that's 14 Beef Burger options and 3 Chicken burger variations all with very promising and unique combination, plus you can customize your own burger?! It was a challenge to choose!

Finally we settled for these...
Volcanic Viktor ₱170

The Volcanic Viktor... 1/3 lb. Beef Patty with Lettuce, Tomato, cheese, bacon, 3 deep fried onion rings originally topped with their chipotle mayo sauce but it wasn't available that time so the hickory sauce was drizzled instead.

You would think that a monster of a burger like this would be difficult to eat or you would need a fork and knife (Uggh! I hate that!) to eat this but surprisingly it did not fall apart. Just press the top bun firmly and grip your burger and bite into it like you mean it!

Next up the Sha-zam!!!

Sha-Zam!!! ₱195

Just look at it.. I say this burger deserves that name! =D Served with the same 1/3 lb. beef patty with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, bacon and check this, a fried egg! topped with crispy shoestring potatoes?!
Breakfast Burger anyone? =D

The egg in this burger is cooked over medium so the yolk is firm enough but not too dry and not too wet for it to run all over your burger. I love how the egg gives this burger richness but the lettuce and tomato balance that. Personally, I could make do without the bacon, but honestly anything with bacon is awesome!

Notorious Nutjob ₱180

We also ordered the Notorious Nutjob. Aside from the classic bacon and cheese, it is topped with a sweet peanut butter sauce with fresh red onion rings. Perfect balance of sweet and salty!

But the real stars of these burgers are the Beef patty itself. They use 100% Beef no extenders! They grill it to perfection! And what makes their burgers perfect is that the patty is the right kind of juicy. Juicy enough so that the burger isn't dry but not too juicy that when you take a bite, all the beef juice travels down your arm, to your elbow to your shirt. Ew! =D

The perfect combo with burgers are fries and we choose a new spud addition to their menu.

From Boulevard Diner's FB Page

The Cheddar Charles.

Cheddar Charles ₱170
 The order comes with 9oz. of the potato tots but before I could take a picture, all hands were in the basket! Haha! but I counted roughly 15 pieces per order. It's quite plenty, more for sharing!

Inside the potato tot is oozing melted cheddar cheese. Yum but careful when taking the first bite, the melted cheese is hot! =D

My order is paired with one of their Moo Shakes milkshakes, Chocnut Flavor!! This is awesome! My only problem would be the straw is too thin for all the creamy goodness! No ice chunks in my shake but the chocnut bits keeps getting stuck in my straw.

I would definitely be coming back! I would like to try their other burgers and their Wingerangs! I shall challenge my self to the hotter than hell level of spiciness! =D

19 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines

Add their FB Page for more info here.



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