Friday, March 4, 2011

Free O.N.E. Lip Balm!!!

Heyooo! No, I'm not giving away a lip balm from O.N.E., but rather a surprise came my way yesterday. Remember my post on the O.N.E. Naturales Travel Light Box? I loved the idea so much that I wanted to let the company know that it was a great idea and they should think about making the line permanent since it's just a limited edition promo. I went to their website but didn't see the contact us tab and saw their "Take a survey" link. I saw that below the survey form was a comment box and decided that I would just communicate with them there! (Haha I know what a weird reason! =P)

So I took the survey, answered all their questions then it was said that you need to send a proof of purchase to get a free lip balm for answering their survey. I didn't think much of this and never sent in anything but I figured they must have read the comment box so that was fine with me. =D

2 months passed and suddenly a small package was delivered to my house.

I was puzzled since I haven't bought anything online, till I saw the address...
I immediately opened it and saw my freebie!! yay!!

I love the feeling of receiving packages especially if they are for free! =D

If you love O.N.E. Products, give it a go and answer their survey! A lip balm might be coming your way! =D

Here's their website!

YAY! to Freebies!!


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