Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Post! Cute Spring/Summer Earrings!

Though I enjoyed our extended weeks of cold and breezy weather, it's getting warmer and warmer by the minute. Chilly weather, I will miss you. As the seasons change, so shall our wardrobe and now I'm getting geared up for a warm and toasty summer ahead! And that is a great excuse for more SHOPPING! =D

First up, accessories. I don't really wear big dangling earrings because I find them uncomfortable since some are too heavy and they always get tangled with my curly hair. I just save those times for special occasions. So I was on the hunt for cute stud earrings. And lookie what I found in such an unusual place!

 The paper store that is around for so long now that I even forgot it existed! Papemelroti =D
way back, I used to buy recycled paper boxes and mini planners but I had no idea that they sold cute accessories too!

I'm a fan of any accessory set in resin and just look at these designs! So spring-y/ summery!

  I got this because of the cute floral design and I never had peach/ orange earrings before!

And this I picked because of the floral/ vintage feel of the print. And the best part? It only set me back ₱49 each!! I say that's a great deal don't you think? And if you're not into florals, don't worry as they have a lot of different designs from monograms, to abstract prints to bright stripes and to other cute vintage prints! Also check out some of their bracelets and necklaces that are so affordable too!

I love finding or rather rediscovering stores like these!

Happy Summer!!


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