Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Beauty Finds at Vente.

Running errands last Sunday had it's perks. Had to pay my bill at Globe but when the guard gave my number slip, jeez I was the 20th person to be served! So I decided to walk around the mall to kill time when I spotted Vente.

Vente just means 20 and it's a store that sells everything for ₱20. It's not a new store and concept but I've never been inside one since it's usually packed with people, But this time it was almost empty. So I decided to peek inside and look at the items. Lots of toys, craft materials and even home wares were there but what piqued my interest were the wall of beauty items. There were tweezers, compact mirrors, combs whose quality is also worth 20 pesos but amidst all these things were really amazing finds. I got these...

The hair bun tool is supposed to style your hair in 20 seconds. In fairness, this works as I tried the half-updo with a poof like in the picture but I'm not sure if i used it the right way =D

You can also try different styles but I cannot comprehend their English ha! =P


If anybody knows how to use this can you teach me?

The other thing I bought is the hair tool made from velcro that you can use if you want to keep hair away from your face while washing your face or putting on make-up but without using headbands and clips that leave a mark on your hair. I love the red bow design with bling! So cute! =D

Other items are also there but I didn't buy it since I already have it and I even bought them for a higher price!

You can buy the Bang Styler too! I feel bad since I bought this in HK for HK$15 (₱85) and even bought more for pasalubong when it's only 20 pesos! Great for all of you who wants to buy this since you can now buy it locally, bad for me since I paid more for it! -_-'

Photo from Google Search

You can also find these:
French Twist or Hair Bun tool

Photo from Google Search

And also this tool I don't know what to call and how to use! But it says that it's for creating easy hair buns.
Photo from Google Search

And a larger version (but not cuter!) of the hair velcro thingy. Another thing I hauled in HK for HK$10 (₱60) and also gave out as pasalubong for my kikay friends.

 And many more useful items for beauty addicts like me! I love discovering stores like these to think I never would have gone inside it if not for the long queue. Let's all thank Globe for their long lines!! =P

Vente is in almost all malls. =)



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