Monday, May 2, 2011

Liese Bubble Hair Color in Cassis Berry

Greetings! I'm still in Taiwan! Before I left Manila, I stumbled upon a product that's a big hit in some countries in Asia. It's the Kao Liese Bubble Hair Color or in some countries, it's called Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Color.  Basically, it's a DIY Hair Coloring kit that instead of the cream type product that you have to spread evenly on your hair, it foams up like hair mousse and just apply the bubbles on your hair and voila! New look! =D It's best if you don't have somebody to help you spread the cream dye on your hair since your just like lathering shampoo and anybody can do that alone.

So off to Taiwan I went and after a few weeks, my roots are showing up. I mistakenly dyed my hair a lighter color so now the roots are extremely visible. It was great timing since I found this dye on a local beauty store here! Even if I didn't have to dye my hair, I still wanted to try this out! =D


 I've been wanting to color my hair red for the longest time but I wasn't brave enough but now, I'm taking the leap! I got Cassis Berry and that is one of 12 shades available. It's lucky that I chose the right shade since there is no English translation! I just closed my eyes and hoped that I picked Cassis Berry. When I got to the hotel I immediately researched the net and sighed that I picked the shade I wanted.

This is my hair before coloring...

And my roots...
 It's obvious that I really need to color my hair ASAP! So let's start shall we?

Inside the box includes...

 The color, the activator inside the foaming bottle, the foam nozzle, instructions, disposable gloves and a leave-on hair conditioner.

Before coloring your hair, put a bit of lotion on the skin near your hair line to prevent staining of your skin but make sure that you don't put any product on your hair.

Step 1: Combine the color with the activator (Bottle 1 to Bottle 2)

 Step 2: Tilt bottle side to side to evenly mix the product. DON'T SHAKE!!

Step 3: Gently squeeze the bottle until the foam comes out.

 Step 4: Spread foam into DRY hair. Starting from the top of the head working your way until all the hair is saturated with the foam. Add more foam especially in the hairline, behind the ears and the hair near the nape.

 Step 5: Wait 30 minutes. (For me, I left it for 40 minutes just to be sure. =) I covered my hair with a shower cap so that I won't mess up the hotel room. But upon reading their website, they said that you shouldn't cover your hair with anything while waiting. Ooops! =P

A lot of product was left, but I couldn't saturate my hair anymore.  So girls with longer hair can make do with just 1 box.

 Step 6: Rinse! =D (No picture! =P) But if you usually dye your hair at home, you would know that the conditioner included is the rinse type. You would need a conditioner to soften your hair because it feels like you have honey poured all over your hair and it's stuck together all tangled up, but with the Liese Bubble Hair Color, I found that my hair is soft as I'm rinsing the dye. Rinse it out until the water runs clean then towel dry your hair then apply the Leave-on Hair conditioner to damp or dry hair.

That easy! I dyed my hair in less than an hour! =D Now the results.

 Yay! No more Black Roots!! =D

 In sunlight

Low light

Harsh light

So far, I'm loving the results! and the fact that it's so easy to use. Plus it's the color I've always wanted! Yay! I'm gonna do major hauling of this product! The only downside to this is it's not currently available in the Philippines. But if I have convinced you, ask me I can buy for you while I'm still here just pay for it and the shipping! =D It's NT$340. =D

To know more about this product and the shades available, you can visit Kao's website. I finally found an English site for this!

If you can read Chinese, lucky you since you can read the instruction included but if you're like me, you can click the link for the English instructions.

I miss Manila and the food!! =(


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