Friday, June 24, 2011

A Beauty Blender Dupe???

Zzzzzzzzzz.... That's what I feel like doing right now with this bed weather. I just hope everyone is safe at home away from the rain, floods and heavy traffic.

Lazy days give me time to blog so let's get on with it shall we? One of my beauty haul from Taiwan is this sponge I bought from an unsuspecting bookstore that also sells beauty products! It's so strange but surprisingly I've found great inexpensive items here! =D The one thing I've been so excited about is this make-up sponge.

Belle Madame Make-up Sponge


See the shape? doesn't it remind you of this?

Beauty Blender

Though the sponge I bought is sexier with the cinched waist while the Beauty Blender is plump and cute! =D

I'm so excited to use this since I still can't find the will or the budget to spend ₱1600++ on the Beauty Blender so imagine my delight in finding this in an unsuspecting bookstore in Taiwan.

It comes with it's own instruction manual but yet again it's in Chinese but the pictures are self explanatory. As what I've figured from the pictures, you can use the pointed tip to reach areas under the eyes and the sides of the nose while the broader side is used for the whole areas of the face.

Disclaimer: The following pictures may cause nausea, vomiting or headaches 

Get ready to see my face! =P

Haha! Say hello to my bare face! =D I'm so excited to try this sponge out!

First I'm going to apply my liquid foundation with this wet sponge.

Based from what I know from watching Beauty Blender tutorials, once you wet the sponge, it would expand. I tried soaking this and guess what??? Nada. Didn't change in size and also the sponge is so firm. For sponges like this, it's best to use the bouncing method so that you will minimize lines and it would give you an airbrushed look but with the firmness of this sponge, it won't bounce. =(

Now use the pointy end of the sponge for hard to reach areas of the face like the eyes and the nose areas.

You can also use the sponge for cream blushes.

Blend, blend, blend!!

That's my face with foundation and blush only!

Personally, it's not even a close dupe of the Beauty Blender. It's just your regular sponge shaped that way. I could let it pass that it's not soft and bouncy as it should have been but the sponge just absorbs the makeup even when used wet so you use more product. Also because of the sponge's firmness, it's hard to clean and I even feel that I didn't clean the sponge very well as I feel like I'm squeezing a stress ball. =P

Even for the price of NT99 (₱150) it's not worth it because I know I won't use this again. It just made putting on foundation a lot longer than if you use a regular wedge sponge or a foundation brush.

Thankfully I didn't shell out more money for this. Sad to say I still haven't found a dupe for the Beauty Blender but I'm not about to buy the real one soon. So to conclude this Made in China sponge was a bust!No dupes found! =(



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