Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brow Quest: Nichido Brow Pencil in Dark Brown

Ahhh Brows... We all have it. Some choose to ignore it but some (like me) are obsessed with well groomed brows. Especially in magazines and print ads of faces, I always zoom in on the brows first before taking in the whole look. But you can say I'm a late bloomer when it comes to brow appreciation.

Way back, I HATE, hate, HATE plucking my brows! I couldn't see the point of subjecting yourself to short bursts of pain over and over again but thankfully I never had real bushy unruly brows so whatever shape they would like to be in, I just let them be. My very first tweezer was a gift from a friend (way back in college!) that I never bothered to use. Fast forward a few years later, my very first brow make-up purchase was the Brow Powder trio from In2it cosmetics and I just bought that just for make-up school.

So I also use that to darken or lighten my brows and I knew I should shape my brows according to my facial features but I didn't know how even using the "Pencil Method". So I just let them be and and I'm happy and content until I just discovered to have my brows groomed professionally. 

Diagram on how to shape your brows

I had them done in the Brow Studio in Eastwood City a few months back and I have to say that was one painful but super worth it experience! Now I can really testify that the most important makeover you can give your face would be fixing your brows. You can have flawless foundation, perfectly shaped lips and well blended eye make-up but once you see that the brows are unruly, it really affects the outcome of your make-up. The brows are like the frames of your eyes.

So now, I vow to take care of the shape and always groom my brows from now on. To help me in shaping my brows for make-up, I converted from using brow powders to a pencil. It just shapes it so fast I don't know why I haven't been using pencils before! =D Now that I found something that works better for me, a Quest is in order to find my ONE perfect brow pencil.

My search starts with the very affordable brand: NICHIDO. I don't know why our local cosmetic companies get a bad rep in make-up but some of their products really work great! Plus it's tailor made for Pinoy skin and it's affordable, what's not to like? =D

I like how the cover has a brow comb so you can use it to blend the pencil in. The texture is a bit waxy but I like it that it's not soft that you might over do your brows. It's stiff enough so you can "draw" the little hairs when your brows need filling in. It is also waterproof but not smudge proof.

Best part?? Yep the price! for ₱60 (US$ 1.40) you can already groom your brows! Yay! =D

It comes in 2 colors, this Dark Brown and Black.

Personally, the shade of the pencil matches my hair color so I like that it has a reddish tint, but I know most would like a more neutral shade of brown. With only 2 colors to choose from, you haven't got a lot of options.

 See? It matches my hair! Though I would've liked that it was just a teeny tiny bit darker, but for the price, I could make do with it. My brows need brow gel to set the shape in place but here I just used the pencil so you can it's true color. I just used my very cheap-o Spoolie Brush to blend and brush the hairs in place.
Hehe see? Extremely cheap!! It's only ₱10 (US$0.23)!! Crazy! I thought the only thing you can but for that amount is candy! =P

So far, I like it, not love it as they should at least have more shades to chose from. Do you have good brow pencils or products I can try?? =)

And now, I leave you with a picture circa 2010... Check my brows and see the difference! =P

Haggard Face! Pic from an old post here in my blog.
 Happy Shopping!!!


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