Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unii Palette Love

Hello Lovelies! How's the week been so far? We're so close to the weekend and I'm so excited for our impromptu beach getaway! It would be my first time on the beach for this year! It's crazy but even if there are typhoons left and right, I'm happy that I still get to go! **crosses-fingers for good weather**

Anyhooo, since I'm traveling again, I thought I'd share with you a great way to pack all your make-up in one palette! Presenting...

My Purple Unii Palette! =D

I first heard (or read) of this amazing palette from Jen of From Head to Toe and ever since I wanted one. But as you all well know that we don't get a lot of products shipped here to Manila and if in case they do, shipping would be too expensive. So imagine my surprise when I spied this palette in the Suesh Showroom in Wilson, Greenhills!! I didn't let it go! =)

Inside the box is a tutorial on how you can depot your existing make-up compacts to transfer then into the Unii Palette. But if you can get your hands on make-up refills, it would be much less of a hassle.

The Palette also comes with a magnetic sheet that you can adhere to the back of your make-up pans.

One of the things I like from this palette is that it has a large mirror for applying your make-up!

But the best part is that you can bring eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, face powder, even concealer or lip color in one palette! (If you can manage to find concealers and lip color packaged in make-up pans)

Just mix and match! Then when you decide to change your make-up, just remove the pans then refill with a different one! =) It is also said that you can also fit travel size brushes! Just make sure you do the "Roll Test". It just means that when you put your brush inside, close the latch and tilt it from side to side. If you hear your brush roll back and forth then it's a perfect fit! But if you can close the latch but couldn't hear it roll, then it fits now, but can seriously damage your palette in the long run and it can break apart from the hinges.

The material is a made from real sturdy plastic and I love that it has a latch lock rather than being just magnetized so no chance of this one opening inside my purse with make-up rubbing on all of my things. And also a plus for me is that it can be dismantled so that it can be cleaned properly. It has a rubber tubing like those seen in air-tight jars and you can pop it off to remove the steel plate where all the magnets stick on! =D But even if it's made from sturdy plastic, I wouldn't want to drop this as I think it can break apart from the hinges.

Strong Magnets! =D

The only thing I didn't like is that you really have to put an effort into sticking magnets on the back of the make-up pans. (Yep I'm lazy like that..=P) and also only a few companies are selling refill pans. In this palette, I used Mary Kay, MAC and Pro Make-up I bought from my make-up school. Also the price is a bit steep for ₱1,700. It retails in the US for $29.

Tee hee.. no magnets yet!! =P

When I checked, it's not available in Suesh's online website but try to inquire if they sell it online or if you're interested, drop by their Wilson Showroom. =D

I just wished I knew how to press my mineral make-ups as I'm addicted to them right now! I wanted the ease of seeing them in one palette than opening several jars. If you know where I can purchase empty pans and a pressing medium or machine locally, please do share?

For more info check out their website.

Thanks and Happy Shopping!!


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