Friday, July 8, 2011

Brow Quest: Etude House Color My Brows

Heyooo... If you hate eyebrows then you probably hate me too by now. Sorry for the constant posts about eyebrow products but it's my current obsession and if ever I do move on, I'll let you know. But for now endure another post on my Brow Quest! (Use super announcer voice)

Moving on to Etude House's Color My Brows, well brow colorant(??) haha! Basically it's a brow gel/ mascara with tint.

This product I discovered at the Etude House stall inside SM Makati. I was browsing through all the brands for brow pencils when I saw this. But another lady already has the LAST one. I wanted to challenge her to a duel as to who deserves this product but she was so nice as she complemented my brows so my competitive mood kinda dissipated and I was happy to let her leave with the brow product. But now that I think about it, It was probably her ploy to lure me away from the duel!!! Haha kidding! No to Violence Kids! =P

So now that I know how elusive and in demand this product is, when I saw this at EH Megamall store, I snatched it up immediately! I swear this is selling so fast that day I saw a girl buy 2 packs! She must love this very much. But do I share the same sentiment??

Color my Brows come in two colors: #1 for Rich Brown and #2 for Light Brown. I got #2 for Light Brown.

The Brow Gel/Mascara is housed in this folder-like card board where you can find the description and instructions on how to use it.

I love that it clearly states that you can use this for only 6 months after opening. Some beauty products don't have a best before date but please be conscious especially when using products for the eyes. (or near the eyes)

Some scribbles inside probably describing the product but alas, it's in Korean and I still can't read Korean. Thankfully, the instructions have pictures!

  Don't quote me but as I can understand, To use this, brush the product against the hair growth. (Probably to coat all the hairs evenly) Then brushing it in the direction of the hair growth to tame and shape the brows. Ahhh, what I'd give to have somebody translate the yellow box with the "TIP" what expert tip could I have been missing because I can't read it?

Looks easy enough right? Now let's try it on.

This is how it looks like. It's not big as you can see with my 1 peso size comparison but it has 4.5g (0.15oz) of product. Not bad I say.

The wand is perfect for shaping brows as it doesn't clump up the product so no mess there plus the wand is tapered at the end. Perfect for shaping the arch and the ends of the brows.

The brown is a little bit more orange than what I would have liked. It also has a teeny tiny bit of sparkle. I don't know what purpose that does for brows but the sparkle is not obvious and bothersome.
Can you see the tiny sparkles??
I used it when I was in a hurry to get ready and I must say it is so much faster than shaping brows with a pencil or powder. I used it as per their instructions and I love how it really colors my brows. I have my brows bleached so that it can match my hair and soften my features but sometimes there are brow hairs that grow much faster than some so some hairs are black. With this product, I may not even need to bleach my brows since it colors it very evenly and it lightens the hair too!

Wearing only Powder, Blush and Brows

But don't expect to have the perfectly shaped brows with this as the color only adheres to the hair so if you need to correct the shape of your brows, you will still need a pencil/powder for that. Also it would only work if your brows are shaped perfectly from the start. It just grooms the hairs in place but not really alter the shape and length of the brows.

Dunno why my face is like that. I promise I'm not mad!! =P

Also the color probably suits brown to light brown haired ladies as it somehow clashes with the reddish tint of my hair. But all in all I love this. I probably would like to try the other shade and maybe it would be a better match for me. Or I can use this together with a brow pencil to shape then use this to tint and tame the eyebrows.

Oh before I forget! The price can't be beat at ₱328 (Approx UD$7.70) as I know of other tinted brow gels that are way more expensive!

Do you still want to hear all about my brow obsession or do you want me to stop??



Anonymous said...

Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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