Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Make-up Brush Drying Device?! =D

Brushes are the best investment you can get when building your make-up collection but some brushes are very expensive so caring for them is very important too. After using the brushes you can use a spray on brush cleaner to temporarily clean the brushes but to really clean the brushes you must deep clean the brushes at least once a week if you apply make-up everyday.

There are a lot of brush shampoos that you can buy but just regular baby shampoo would also work. It's also important to remember that you must not wet the ferrule (the metal tube that holds the hair and the handle together) or the glue holding everything together will weaken and the brush will fall apart.

 That is also the reason why the correct drying of make-up brushes is to let the brushes lie horizontally and not standing up or the water from the hairs will seep down to the glue and loosen the glue. The most ideal position of the brush for optimal drying would be upside down but the shape of the brushes will definitely be ruined so I'll just stick to horizontal.

My method of drying is just usually folding a towel and let the brushes lie together but keeping the hairs on the edge so that it can dry without touching the towel and breed bacteria. This method usually dries the brushes in 12 hours or more.

I've been doing that method for quite some time until I found this...

I found it at the Japan Home Center and it's only ₱88! ($2) OK, I honestly don't know what this is officially for since I can't read Japanese but it looks perfect for what I plan to use it for!

Ready, Chadaaan!!

The surface has slots so that air will pass through and dry the brushes much faster! Pretty great huh? It's also great that the holes are not too big so I can also dry travel sized brushes.

It has legs that are foldable so that when done using, just tuck the legs in and store them flat!
 The height of legs is also perfect so that a lot of air can pass through the slots.

The size is also perfect as I can clean all my brushes in one batch and just let them dry at the same time! Before I usually segregate and clean my face brushes first because it takes longer to dry.

The downside in deep cleaning your brushes would be that when wet, the hairs can get shaggy and ruin the shape of the brushes when it dries like that so a way around that is to buy a Brush Guard to hold the shape of the hairs while it is drying.

Before you can only get the Brush Guard from online sellers because it's not available locally and it's also expensive. Thankfully Suesh heard our plea and created one themselves! It's only ₱250 (Approx.$6) for a pack of 10! Also it fits all brush sizes! =D

One more good thing is if you have tons of brushes, you can buy two or more of these things and stack it up as high as you like! =D

Just check out the nearest Japan Home Center in your area to get these! It also comes in different colors too! =D



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