Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Affordable Fashion: Ballet Flats from Tomato and Solemate!

I love shoes. I love it so much that I brought home 12 pairs of shoes from my Taiwan trip! The BF couldn't believe what I had done and sanctioned me on a shoe shopping ban. I haven't even worn some of the shoes I bought yet here I am buying new pairs!

But see how can I resist when they look so awesome?! See for yourself...

Diba it looks so Fashyoon?! My favorite style of shoes would be the ballet flats. I can wear sandals, heels, wedges, sneakers, oxfords to espadrilles but I always go back to flats. What's not to like? You can walk in them all day without sacrificing style and even if you're comfy, you won't look sloppy! One of my pet peeves would be wearing a thought out outfit that looks so stylish only to be ruined by wearing FLIP FLOPS! geez! Now, I don't have anything against flip flops but pairing them with a stylish outfit is blasphemy when you can have the same comfort with ballet flats!

Enough ranting! I'll bring back my smile because of these amazing finds I recently stumbled upon.

Both pairs on top came from Tomato, a local brand that is known for trendy clothes but now, my supplier of comfy flats! I bought shoes from the brand before and I can attest that they are really durable! I've had a pair for years now and I'm still wearing it!

They have a great shoe collection in their stores now! I literally went crazy because I didn't know what to pick! But I settled with these...

Animal prints are forever trendy so it's great to invest in a pair. If the leopard print is too feisty for your liking, why not try a good ole' snake skin print to awaken your animalistic side! Just be prepared to hear somebody ask you: "Sapatos mo ba yan, or Balat mo?" (No Other Woman Hangover..=P) 

I love that the snake skin print is embossed and not printed only so it has that authentic soshal feel plus the toe cap of matte metallic gold is a win for me! This style comes in more colors too!

The next pair I got is a more glam version of the shoes. The black velvet paired with the distressed gold toe cap elevates the status of this pair and you can wear it for night outs! This style comes in a bazillion other colors!! But most are jewel toned so that it pairs beautifully with the gold toe cap! I had a hard time choosing the color I want! But I decided to chose a more classic pair hence the black... =)

These pairs are great for both work and play and again best part?

Hello Cheapo!! =D Nothing this stylish and durable cost only that much! And to compare this with the usual tiangge shoe finds which are usually over embellished that cost ₱350, add a few pesos more and strut to your nearest Tomato store instead!

Next shoe haunt I found was this little display case inside SM Department Stores called Solemate!

A lot of styles are available but the prominent design would be, Ribbons and Bows! Fortunately, I love them so lucky me!

I've been meaning to find gray ballet flats and look at this cute pair!

The usual drab shade of gray was brightened by the peeking patches of floral underneath the knot that looks like a bow! Kyoot!

And this pair combines my love of bows and toe capped pairs! Also it's an unusual shade of blue.

Best feature? Yep! The price!

Ohyeah.. a pair costs ₱299.75! not even 300! haha.. A lot of styles are available now if you hurry because these display stands are always flocked with people!

So there.. I have 4 new pairs of ballet flats!! But shhhh.. don't tell the BF okay? It's our little secret..=)


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