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Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils

Hello! I can now say that my shopping ban is over! Woot! I couldn't even wait to go to the mall for shopping so I immediately logged online for some online shopping therapy! Now, I've been wanting needing some new pencil eyeliners and good thing that my favorite shop for make-up, Get Sophisticated has stock on my ultimate Holy Grail Eyeliners, The UD 24/7 Eye Pencils.

I first discovered and tried these pencils from my Naked Palette where they included a dual ended 24/7 pencil and it was love at first try! The pencils were so smooth to apply and I must say they really do Glide on! And they are so pigmented one swipe and your done! It looks like you're wearing gel or even liquid liner with the ease and speed of a pencil! =D Now I know these qualities are easy to find in pencils that are available locally or even at a cheaper price but does it smudge or fade? My guess is yes, but with these pencils, it really is waterproof, smudge proof and it doesn't fade later in the day! Even with the hot and humid Manila weather, it survives! I've been looking for a pencil eyeliner that doesn't fade or smudge and I'm so happy that I found THE one! =D

Now, when it comes to eyeliners, I like neutrals, Black, Brown and a bit of Gold. I can sometimes wear a pop of purple or green as eyeliners but I don't like to spend too much on eyeliners that I won't get to use on a regular basis and these pencils are not cheap! but I'm lucky that I found great deals for these pencils online.

First up is the shade Baked. Now this I got from Hoops and Loops for an awesome price of ₱450! Yes  it's that cheap and this usually retails for $18 (Approx ₱800) but local online stores sell it for ₱900-1000. This pencil is part of the 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection of 24/7 pencils.

 It has a shimmery copper brown shade and looks great in brightening the eyes if applied in the lower lash line. And these pencils also last in the water line!

Next are the pencils I bought from Get Sophisticated for ₱700 each and first up is the shade Bourbon.

Each full-sized pencil has a good amount of 1.2grams of product.

The bourbon shade is a matte brown with lots of glitters. The glitters are so prominent that you can see it from the tip of the pencil.

I also got the shade Zero, a matte black pencil. It's a pretty straightforward black and I love how you can easily use this to tightline the upper lashes.

I bought this brand new but I guess the tip got nicked by the cap that's why it looks used.

The dual-ended 24/7 pencils from the Naked Palette has the shade Zero and a limited edition color, Whiskey. Whiskey is a matte brown and it's a bit disappointing that Urban Decay didn't include this shade in their permanent line because I love it so much! Not only is it LE but travel sized too! I already used up so much! *sobs*

I bought the Bourbon shade to replace Whiskey once I ran out but as you can see, they are totally different. I love the dark brown shade of Whiskey because it's not to dark as compared to other eyeliners that are bordering on Black-brown. Bourbon is still a great brown eyeliner if not only for the annoying micro glitters. I like sparkly things but not glitter on my eyeliner because it's such a pain to remove even with a good make-up remover. The 24/7 liners can easily be removed with a make-up remover but the micro glitters somehow manage to survive between my lashes or it migrates to other parts of my face so yeah, it is annoying. But I have to say that the Bourbon eyeliner brightens the eyes, and yes I think it's because of those glitters so they must have added that for that exact purpose.

See the glitters from my picture? haaay! And the shade Baked also share the same quality of having glitters but thankfully not so plenty. But I think this is the reason these pencils have that brightening effect on the eyes so I can forgive Urban Decay for that.. =P

All in all, I love these pencils! They really work for our climate but I've heard some people using this and it smudged on them. For me, I use them with a primer to get rid of the oiliness in the eyelids then eyeshadow then this. I don't know how these will fare on naked, oily eyelids.

The most con I can think of is that it's not available locally then next that it's not cheap but I can really say that trolling online stores looking for this is worth it. These pencils really deliver and if you like really bright and outrageous colors, the 24/7 line has a wide range of colors.

That's it for me! I missed you guys! =D

HAPPY SHOPPING!! (for me too! Yay!)


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