Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Line

Hallooow! Forgive me for not blogging sooner but I'm back with a review of one of my greatest finds in Taiwan, The Shiseido Tsubaki Hair Care line in the Damage Care Variant.

I know this product has been getting a lot of raves for years already and I've always wanted to try it out but it is not available locally and my chance came when I went to Taiwan.

Before leaving I just had my hair colored and the stylist advised me to have my hair undergo treatments so that the hair damage can be controlled but I didn't have the budget for thousands of pesos for treatments.  So on I went and found that the dry weather further dried out my hair! It was a mess! The ends looked like straw with yucky split ends and frizzies all over! And also it was a time that I dreaded washing my hair because once I get it wet, it feels like honey was poured on my hair! It was clumpy and sticky even if i brushed my hair prior to stepping in the shower. It was such a hassle! The hair care I brought with me was a local brand with a conditioner that claims to have 80% more conditioning properties and I was really rooting for it to work better for my hair. Aside from that, I also used their once a week treatment to help out my hair trouble. But sadly, it was not cut out for this hair damage but I know I'm stubborn enough to not stop coloring my hair. (I need rehab for that!) =P

So I'm in a foreign place with no stylist to help me, Internet was a savior! I found out that the Tsubaki line really works wonders and I am desperate enough to dive into the hype! Tsubaki is just Japanese for the Camellia Flower and the main ingredient of these products is Camelia Flower Oil that was tested to work wonders for hair. And the Japanese are know to create awesome beauty products not to mention the product was made by Shiseido, the mommy company of Majolica Majorca one of my favorite beauty brands.

It has 3 variants, Shining (Red), Head Spa (Gold) and Damage Care (White). It was a no-brainer that I had to choose the Damage Care Line as it is recommended for colored hair.

The first product I've tried was the Tsubaki Water.

It's basically a hair mist that you use after you wash your hair. And while it is still damp, spray at a distance and let dry. I read that it is best used when you wash your hair at night then use this then sleep so when you wake up, your hair will be soft and frizz- free!

I must say that it really delivers and this Tsubaki Water is the reason I've decided to try the whole line.  It really works like magic! I just used it one time and voila! my hair is soft and manageable just like that! Plus it also leaves my hair smelling so clean and yummy! The spray nozzle delivers a fine mist so it sprays the product evenly.

As much as I love this, there are some things I've noticed while using this. If you spray a lot on your hair, it weighs it down and it does give you an oily scalp much faster.  A very light hand is needed for this.

The Shampoo and Conditioner is also a hit in my book! This tandem really made my dry hair, lush and silky plus keeps it smelling nice too! At first I wasn't keen on the Herbal/Woody scent, but on my hair, it really smells nice. When I got home the bf complemented me that my hair smelled nice which was a surprise because how often do guys care about this stuff? =P

My beef would have to be, I feel I need to shampoo more often as I feel my hair getting oily and dirty more often than before. I tested as to how long I can stand not washing my hair while using these hair care line and I lasted about 3 days, TOPS! And at that point, my head really feels super yucky and dirty and oily.

And lastly, the Treatment. It is recommended that you use this once a week. While I still don't know how to really use this, I read somewhere that you use this after shampoo then leave it in your hair for a good 20 minutes then rinse it off then you still have to follow it up with the conditioner. When I initially used this, I went for that method but I felt like it is too heavy for my hair and I feel that conditioning the hair after the treatment was a waste of product. So now I use this after shampoo and leave it on for 5 minutes and the results are the same!

Now, after the Tsubaki Water, this my next favorite from the line. The change i noticed from my dried out hair after I used this was amazing! The thick texture of this treatment really got rid of my frizzies and being naturally curly, It was a welcome result! But keep in mind to avoid applying this to the scalp as it can create excess oil and dandruff.

You can see that the texture of the treatment is really thicker and denser than the conditioner.

So far I can't stop raving about these products! but there are a few things to keep in mind:
- I can say that these hair care line especially the shampoo, conditioner and treatment was designed to use in dry and cool climates and I can definitely see myself use a different shampoo/conditioner once summer is beginning here because I feel that it will be too heavy for the stifling heat.
- I bought this in Taiwan and I had to hoard this to bring back to Manila. But I recently spied this at Cash and Carry Makati! So when I run out on these, I know where to buy locally!
- It is a bit expensive. When converted, price range is about 400-450 pesos per bottle. The prices in cash and carry varies from 500-700 pesos.
- It may cause excess oil and dandruff so use sparingly.

But even with those things in mind, I still really love this line! It saved me from having disgusting hair when I was traveling so I'll be eternally grateful.

Ahehe, excuse the messy half styled hair! =P



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