Thursday, February 9, 2012

Haul-lelluia! Watsons, Landmark, Etude House and More!!

I rarely post about hauls but there are recent deals I found that are too good to pass up so I thought to share it with you all! =D

First up! This Olay Anti-Ageing Beauty Pack. I'm a big fan of the Olay Age Defying Soap and I was really stocking up on these when I spied this pack in Watsons. It has a FULL size Body Wash for FREE!! All these for ₱147! Ain't that great? After reading this, RUN and I mean really fast since they only have limited stocks on these! I snatched one pack and when my mom decided to buy for herself after 30 mins, It was sold out! Just check the nearest Watsons in your area, GO!!

I'm not a Dove Deo user but after seeing this deal,  I gave it a go! This set retails for ₱124.75 at S&R and I think but I'm not sure that this retails for ₱200+ elsewhere. There are a lot of variants available and all come with a FREE small bottle of body spray! 50%off on the deo + FREE Body Spray? Great! The downside would be that you need to become a member to enter. 
I've been looking for a great Teasing Comb for the longest time and I usually use a regular rat-tail comb that takes me forever. With this just a few swipes and I'm ready to style my hair! I got this from the beauty section in Landmark Department Store for ₱95! Super Cheap! yay!

I've read pretty good reviews on this one and if you remember my post on the UD Glide on Pencils, I am still looking for good brown pencil that has no shimmer and is waterproof and thankfully there is this IN2IT waterproof gel liner pencil! Great find for ₱379! =D

 My other purchases from Etude House, Healthy Options, and Pinkbox!

A leave-on face mask
Bee Happy! Missing U Sleeping Pack (₱498): I got suckered into buying this instead of a sheet mask I was supposed to buy. The SA is so nice that's why I gave into this! Haha!
Etude House Sponge (₱378): I dunno why I always get suckered into buying Beauty Blender Dupes! But look at the packaging, SOOOOO cute!!

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Therapy (₱155). I got a sample of this as a GWP back in Taiwan and it's great that it's now here in Manila! Should I review this soon? Hmmm...
Dickinson's Natural Witch Hazel (₱69): I got this from Healthy Options and I wasn't really looking for this but I read that Witch Hazel was good for breakouts and my skin is not feeling too great so I decided to give this a try! =D
And Hello to my Twitter Microbead Pillow (₱250)! Too cute and funny! I bought this from the St. Paul College Pasig Fair at a booth named .Comfy Pillows! Too bad they don't have any contact details or a store to visit...=(

Haay, Shopping really makes me happy and giddy! I'm constantly saying sorry to my wallet!




Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NARS Mata Hari and Albatross w/ Swatches

I've never given the brand NARS some thought before. I'm not a fan of high-end cosmetic brands. I mean well, If I have tons of money, I would definitely buy expensive make-up but since I spend hard earned cash for my splurges, I usually try to find good quality but inexpensive make-up all the time. I believe that there is always a cheaper dupe out there. But I don't live under a rock so I know the reputation of NARS Blushes very well. They have been ranked as one of the top quality blushes of all time but I've never given it much attention until one day, while strolling through Rustans, Shangri-la. Now, If you're trying to save money, DON'T even go near the store or else your "must buy" list will have more items Guaranteed! (For me anyway! =P) 

I was with my mom and sister and for the longest time, my mom has been looking for a highlighter. I've recommended cheaper alternatives like Ellana, NYX but she has been lemming for a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish but somehow the ₱1,600+ price tag was stopping her. Then we drifted off to the NARS counter and I told her I recalled a highly rated highlighter called Albatross. We swatched it and just like that, we were SOLD! It's definitely not cheap with the ₱1,450 price tag but wearing that highlighter just felt right. After looking in the mirror, I saw how much my skin glowed all healthy and bright and my initial thoughts of high-end cosmetics broke down and I remembered thinking to myself that I MUST HAVE THIS!!

It has a creamy white base but with a light hand, the yellow-toned shimmer will stand out in your skin that instantly brightens it. I swatched this when I was down with the flu and my skin was really sallow and dull but after adding this to the cheekbones, the outer corners of the eyes, under the eyes and the temple, It made me look healthy in an instant!

  I swatched more of the testers and the rest they say is history. I AM HOOKED! I love that the texture of the matte blushes are creamy and not chalky and the shimmer blushes have a great balance as to not look too shimmery. But the shade that really stood out for me was Mata Hari. I liked everyone's favorite the Orgasm blush but I feel that there are a lot of peachy-pink blushes with gold shimmers in the market so the matte plum-pink shade of Mata Hari was love at first sight. Paired with a dark red lipstick and it's a great night or fall look. Pair it with a pink lipstick and you got an everyday blush.

It's a matte pink with a tough of plum. This pairs well with berry lipstick shades. This blush is seriously pigmented so a very light hand is needed. I love matte blush but I have trouble finding good ones because most I find are really chalky and powdery and don't last long so this was a great find for me. I love how it's matte but not hard to blend on the cheeks. And I like also how you can have a sheer application or layer it on to add more color.
I'm in trouble since discovering this brand, I want more! Yikes! This retails for ₱1,450 so splurging on more shades really makes me think before buying. I was lucky that these were gifts from my Mom and Sister so for me, I'd still think hard and long if I would buy it myself. I'd put off thinking about it until the next epiphany. (Read: Next MUST HAVE THIS moment!)


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