Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY: Ombre Hair

I've been obsessing over my hair for a while now. My hair has gotten a lot longer and I still don't want to get a haircut because I've been practicing on a lot of hairstyling tips for upcoming make-up trials and events. I'm extremely bored of how it looks while I still like to have my red hair, I decided to update my hair a bit.

I've asked my friends on Facebook if they would rather have me try a red hair with purple streaks? or this Ombre Hair trend. And while I am still thinking about getting purple hair for the summer, I just don't want to spend a lot of money on a Temporary Hair Dye like Manic Panic. So, Ombre Hair it is.

It's now time to say bye-bye to my old, dull and faded hair =)

On to the steps:
First, you will need...

1. Hair Bleach Powder. I got mine at HBC (Hortaleza) for ₱90.
2. Oxidizing Lotion 12%. Some say it's better to use 6% but I asked the sales lady and she said this is preferred so I trusted her judgement. I also bought this at HBC for ₱30.
3. Box Dye in a darker color. I have tried and tested Revlon's dyes so I will be using them too. The color I chose was #55 Light Reddish Brown. I think this retails for about ₱350.
4. Box Dye in blonde. It is best to use the same brand and formula for both the dark color and the blonde so that we can mix them together. Revlon, ₱350.
5. Sectioning clips or ties
6. Gloves! This is important! You wouldn't want to burn your hand! Also the box dyes usually have gloves included so just use that.
7. Tissue/ Foil. For wrapping the hair while waiting for the color to develop.
8. Plastic Bowls 
9. Coloring Brush
10. Fine-toothed comb
11. A protecting cape or a ratty T-shirt. Wear this because dye will stain your clothes!

Step 1: Choose the length of hair you want to bleach.

I just chose the length of my hair that is most tapered because of my layers. Sectioned it off using an elastic hair tie.

Step 2: Mixing the bleach. 

I always believed that you need to use 1 pouch of bleach powder to 1 bottle of oxidizing lotion but the SA in HBC told me to use 2 bottles per 1 pouch. I don't need a lot of bleach so I just mixed 1 bottle of oxidizing lotion with half a pouch of bleach powder and mix well. It will have a very light blue color and very strong fumes so make sure you do this in a well ventilated area.

Step 3: Bleach the tips of your hair.
Brush the bleach onto dry hair and comb through to evenly distribute the bleach. Protect your skin by wrapping the hair with some tissue or some foil.Let the bleach develop until you reach the lightness you prefer.  It usually varies on the original color of the hair but mine took about 30-40 minutes. I felt that I could have kept it on longer to make it much more lighter.
 Rinse the bleached ends well without getting the other hair wet and let it dry.

Step 4: Apply the medium color.
Mix both boxed dyes according to package instructions. And also label your bottles so that you won't accidentally put on the wrong color on your hair.

 I mixed together the dark dye with the blonde dye to create a lighter version of the dark dye I will apply later.

 Apply that mixture to the hair above the bleached areas. Overlap a bit of the dye with the bleached hair to blend it out.
Since my hair was really long, I had to section the areas so that it would be much easier to work with.

Step 5: Applying the Darkest color.
Apply the rest of the dark dye on the remaining hair. Don't worry if you can get it to apply evenly because it blends in better with the other colors.

Let your hair develop. My hair usually takes 45mins to 1 hour before the color shows in my hair. And after that, just rinse your hair very well and use the after-color conditioner included in the dye.

I let my hair air dry and this is what it looked like on the same day.

The bleached tips were not as light as I wanted and regretted not leaving the bleach longer. I thought that I should re-do the bleaching process after my hair has rested for a few weeks.
 But to my surprise 2 days after the process, it turned much lighter and now, I'm happy with it. I wished I picked a darker color on top for the drastic contrast of dark to light hair but I'm happy that it turned out great!

Things to keep in mind:
-Bleaching DAMAGES the hair. It really does a number on your hair and if you have previously colored your hair like I did, it would really have a dry texture after. What I do to counter balance this dryness is to use a deep conditioner every time you shampoo. I also hot oil my hair 2 times a week after this process but now I reduced it to just once a week. Since it is costly to get hot oils every week, I just do it myself using a heating cap and whatever hot oil treatment you can buy.

- Bleaching the hair without toning it would turn the hair brassy. But since toners are not sold in local beauty supply stores, I read somewhere that you can use an Ash Blonde dye to counter balance the orange-y color. In this case, I used the leftover blonde hair dye to my bleached hair to act as the toner. 

Phew! Long post but if you find this too tedious to do it yourself, don't worry as some salons have already caught up with the trend. Try Azta Salon since they offer this coloring service.

Would you ever try this hair color? Let me know what you think! =)


Friday, March 2, 2012

My Make-up Vanity Area and Make-up Storage =D

I wouldn't know if you would be interested to see this part of my room but I've decided to share how I organize my make-up. Now people who really know me know how much disorganized my room is! Haha.. My friends usually tease me how surprised they are when they find my room in order. (Meanies! =P)

Another thing about me is I sleep late. And if I have somewhere to go in the morning I am in a rush to get my hair and make-up done so not knowing where I put my blush and lippies don't help! I've decided to make a change and finally organize my vanity table in a way that it's easy to put everything back to get rid of clutter.
My Vanity table is just actually a small corner of my room. It was an afterthought in constructing our house so it is quite small. But I've extended the storage area by buying this drawer set.
I bought it in SM Home World for ₱900! The original price was 1,500 and I got it on sale =D I haven't seen SM restock on this but I saw some in True Value.

The left side of my table are my everyday make-up. I have my daily Foundation or in this case BB cream with my commonly used eyeliners, brow pencils, concealers, primers, blushes, and lipsticks!
I got this lipstick holder from Landmark for ₱99! Steal! =D It holds 9 lip products. I usually change this when I get something new or if I realize I reach for that lipstick more often.
 This make-up holder is actually a desk organizer I got from Japan Home Depot for ₱88! I love how it has large compartments and it fits my commonly used make-up perfectly!
The first compartment holds my pencil eyeliners and brow liners. I also have my pen highlighter in there.
Second holds my Missha BB cream. I usually switch this up. Sometimes I use a tinted moisturizer or a mineral foundation but now I'm currently using this. =D

Third holds my concealers and eyeshadow primer. Also my Majolica Majorca Mascara fits perfectly!
 The last compartment in the back row holds the brushes I use often. Mostly these are eye brushes.

The front row holds the compacts. I have my blushes, bronzers and finishing powder here. I also have my eyelash curler here so I won't forget to curl my lashes! (I always do!)

I also have these small dishes to hold hair clips and bobby pins I remove from my hair once I get home and also the accessories I've been wearing that day. These are melaware dishes I found in SM. I love how the design is so sleek and stylish but these are meant to hold condiments! =P
At the base of my mirror, I have these miniature bottles of perfume that I like. I usually buy this so when on a night out, I don't have to bring a big bottle of perfume! =D Found these in HK! =)
The right side is where I keep my Brushes! I honestly use all of them but once I use them and they are dirty I just use another clean brush! That's why I have duplicates Haha! I just deep clean when I run out of brushes.. =P

I got random holders for my brushes. I got a cute pen holder and also a plastic drinking cup but what I love the most is this ceramic toothbrush holder I found in Dapitan Arcade for ₱35! it's great for holding smaller sized brushes!

The top part of my drawer set is where I put my skin care and hair care products.

In the first layer of my drawer set, I have my eye make-up. Since I usually change this up every time I go out, I keep a variety of these handy. I also have my other face products and at the last compartment is where I keep my back-ups =D
The second drawer has even more make-up! More eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners and a ton of lip products!
The third layer houses even more make-up! Haha! Do you see a trend here? =P I have my falsies large palettes and other back-ups! 

Can you guess what's in the 4th layer?
HAHA GOTCHA! It's not make-up but nail products! At first I only had a few polishes and I felt that I wouldn't need a whole drawer for them but look at it now! =D
The last drawer holds my hair styling tools. =D

I love how my drawer set is plastic so when I spill make-up inside, I can pull it out and wash it with soap!

Phew! Sorry for the long post but I'm really proud that I've decided to organize my make-up and keep up with minimizing the clutter in my vanity! If only I can say the same thing for my entire room..hmmm? My next project is finding a way to organize all my bags =D Wish me luck! 

HAPPY Organizing!! =D

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