Monday, April 2, 2012

Magnetic Nail Polish for cheap anyone? =)

Hey, hey hey!! It's summer!! Oh wait, is it really summer with the rainy and chilly weather we are experiencing now? It's crazy! Much like our crazy weather lately, have you heard of the newest trend in the Nail Polish world? It's Magnetic Nail Polish! You might give me a blank stare and say, what are you talking about well then let me give you a gist of what it is.

Basically it's nail polish you apply of course to your nails and with a magnet you hover on top of the wet nail, it will create patterns and give you an instant nail art! I know WOW right?! When I first saw You Tube videos on this, I was really floored because it really looked magical! It creates patterns in an instant and it's easy to use too! But then again seeing it before on foreign blogs made me wish for it to be available locally. Luckily our dear local online beauty stores started carrying these types of polishes but for a steep price. I was actually tempted to spend ₱1,000 on the set because I really wanted to try the "magic" for myself.

It was a good thing I didn't splurge because on a recent trip to 168 Mall in Divisoria, I found it!
It's the BK Magic Nail Polish! Ok so you might judge me on what was I thinking buying beauty products in Divisoria. It might have scary ingredients and blah, blah, blah but the store owner assured us that the polishes are from Korea and it was of good quality.

The store specializes in nail products from every color and finish of nail polish available to nail decals and acrylic nails. It sure is a nail artist's heaven! I wasn't really planning on buying nail polish there but what caught my eye was when the SA demonstrated these Magic Nail Polish. When I saw that it was the magnetic kind, I shrieked because I was so happy that I can now try it!

 Oh yeah! here it is! And I swear that it is so easy to use!
First, apply a thick coat of the polish to your clean nails with a base coat. If normally when we apply nail polish we let the excess polish on the brush drip from the sides of the bottle, but this time that big blob of polish on your brush? Just swipe it on thick! If it's too thin, the design would not show.
At this stage you have to move quickly and immediately place the magnet on top of your nails, as close as you can without the magnet touching the wet polish and hold it for about 5-10 seconds.
And Tadaaah! Instant Nail Art! yay! This is perfect for people like me who have no talent in nail art! Hehe =P Just let it dry and apply a top coat to protect your art =)

And as always, the best part is? THE PRICE!! =)
Local online sellers retails branded magnetic polishes for about ₱400-800 a bottle plus you pay extra for the magnet. But for this, you only pay ₱200 for the polish and the magnet. Plus when we were there, when you buy a bottle, they give you a free bottle since there was a buy one take one thing going on so we got it for much cheaper! And they have 20, yes 20 shades to choose from! And also you can buy more magnets for more patterns.

I misplaced their business card but the store is located at the second floor. They also have stores all over 168 so it is impossible not to see them while you're there. Just look for a store with nothing but nail polish! 

Will you try this nail trend now that you can get it for cheap? =)


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